Indian Startups: Easier said than done!


Every now and then, I hear about the quality of Indian startups (or the lack thereof) being discussed in Indian Blogosphere with gusto. Most of them voicing the opinion that not many quality startups are coming out of India.

Here at too, I get atleast couple of emails daily asking for reviews about their newly launched startups. But how many of them do I actually review, probably 10 to 20 percent – only the ones that appeal to me, either the terrible ones or the excellent ones. I skip writing about the run of the mill, same old story, startups.

In short, the proportion of good to bad ones is quite skewed.

But hold on…isn’t good and bad purely a perception of an individual about a particular startup.

Does this qualify us Bloggers to make a statement that ‘Indian startups have dismal quality’ or ‘there are not enough startups on Indian startup scene’?

Who will decide how many ‘quality startups’ should be launched in a month or a week. Is 5 startups a month, a good number or 50 a good number?

It is easy to whine about lack of quality Indian startups, but what are we doing about it? Are we making any positive difference?

In most cases, I find that lot of time is spent in criticizing a startup, instead of giving a constructive feedback and reasonings.

Thats the least we could do !

  1. Sheetal says


    Have been reading the articles of Trak-in for quiet some time now.Infact wanna admit that i explored this site accidently .i was searching for some articles on impact of outsourcing and effects of dollar becoming weaker on the Indian economy….
    Trust me this has so far been the best site to get the valuable information in rite quantity and quality.

    However one suggestion that i wud strongly recommend is : Please change the subject line while sending the article to the reader on E-mail…May be if the subject line reflects the article mentioned in the body of e-mail.
    The reason being to find a particulat article one has to go through all the articles over and again….

    Rest all is Perfect :-)


  2. Smita says

    Agreed that it is easy to say “ENTREPRENEUR” then being one, but it is not impossible. The most important of all one should have the true entrepreneurial spirit. Now a days one can approach to angel investors, venture capital seed fund etc. apart from banks and institutional loans for initial funds required to start up the business. Pitchindia is one such venture which promotes the entrepreneurship in the young indians by providing angel investments. You can visit their website which is very informative.

  3. Mesmerized says

    When you say "Does this qualify us Bloggers to make a statement…" As a blogger ( a person) it is okie to be opinionated. What be be black for you may be grey for me.

    Having said  that i agree with you – we may state our opinion – but constructive feedback and reasonings would help the company and make the blogger less politician like :P

  4. jimmy says

    would love to see a review of IndiaSphere one of the best India Aggregators out there

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