India’s Internet usage lowest in Asia – Google scores lowly


ComScore, a leader in providing consumer insight behavior reports and research has for the first time come out with a comprehensive review of Internet behavior covering 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The ComScore report revealed that in May there were nearly 284 million people age 15 or older who accessed the Internet from either a home or work computer in the region. This represents 10 percent of the Asian-Pacific population 15 years of age and older.

The average person in the Asia-Pacific region visited the Internet on 13.8 days in the month and spent 20.2 hours viewing 2,171 pages. This compares to the global averages of 17.1 usage days per month, 25.2 hours per month, and 2,519 pages per month, indicating that the Asia-Pacific region?s PC-based Internet usage is somewhat lower than the rest of the world.

Some of the Key finding s from the report are :-

South Korea boasts the greatest rate of Internet usage, with 65 percent of its population using the Internet in May (home and work locations, age 15 or older), followed by Australia (62 percent), New Zealand (60 percent) and Hong Kong (59 percent). India has the lowest penetration at just 3 percent.

  • China clearly has the largest online population with 91.5 million people (age 15 or older accessing the Internet from either a home or a work computer in May 2007), but this translates to a penetration of only 9 percent of the country?s population. Japan has 53.7 million users (49 percent penetration) and South Korea 26.3 million (65 percent penetration). Combined, these 3 countries account for 60 percent of the region?s Internet population.
  • South Korea has the most active online population, using the Internet an average of 17.4 days per person in May, and dedicating 31.2 hours to viewing 4,546 pages during the month ? twice as many pages as the regional average of 2,171 pages per user.
  • New Zealanders constitute the smallest online population in the region (1,949 million people) but are online 16.4 days per month, versus the regional average of 13.8 days.

Asia-Pacific Online Audience Report
May 2007
All Asia-Pacific – Home and Work Locations, Age 15+*
Source: ComScore World Matri


ComScore has also released a report giving details about the Top 3 popular internet properties accessed in Asia – Pacific. Surprisingly Google has much lower popularity compared to Yahoo in Asia Pacific. Yahoo! Sites are the most popular in the region, ranking in the top three positions in seven of the ten countries studied.

Report: Top 3 web Properties Based on Monthly Unique Visitors


South Korea seems to be moving on completely different path. NHN and Lycos ???
I have not heard about NHN and visited Lycos probably couple of times in last 10 years

  1. Vishwajit says

    Dear Arun,

    Can you plz guide me what is the usage of email in India as on 2009?


  2. trakin says

    Jolsna, well said. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  3. Jolsna says

    In today’s world Internet is considered safe for a mother to learn and treat her baby, Wikepedia has replaced encyclopedia. The Facts and Figures are very disappointing to India especially when we are looking at technology bringing proximity. Web marketing in today’s world is looked as a promising tool for Business prospects and therefore with the ongoing increase in the Market and looking at varied avenues, the figures for internet usage is very low. Also, where e-tailing being the most practised, traditional marketing method in the western countries, it takes a back seat in India.

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