Top Indian Business Blogs : among the top 10 list by Times UK


I was seeing my traffic stats today and I saw surge of visitors coming here through TimesOnline UK a widely read premier news portal in UK.

These visits to my blog were from one of the articles published today by TimesOnline UK, where they featured as one of their top picks for “India Business” blogs.

Recognition is one of the most important morale boosters and I am no different! So I guess it is the day to blow my trumpet :).
Interestingly, the first 4 blogs listed are my favorites too..

Here is the complete article as published by TimesOnline UK.

Corporate blogging has arrived in India. A search with the keywords ‘India business’ on the Technorati blog finder throws up 447 matches, and Microsoft India recently named its first Blogstars after a competition to find the best developer bloggers in the country. Times Online offers its pick of the business blogs…

The Indian Economy Blog Run by a team of six bloggers – economists, entrepreneurs and journalists based in India and the US. Recent posts tackle the brain drain, Indian public transport, and workplace bullies.

Capitalist India Not for socialists, this one. Under the tag line ‘Free Minds and Free Markets in India’ Capitalist India takes issue with ‘Leftist predictions’ about the US economy, hails the arrival of Wal-Mart ‘creating jobs for the masses’, and, most recently, offers its solution for global warming: more prosperity. “Expressing concern for the environment and global warming is the new fashion of the day for global elite opinion, perhaps only second to disparaging US President, G W Bush,” it says.

India Inc. Part of the Digital Inspiration technology blog – which boasts and average of 1.2 million hits per month – India Inc. offers Indian business news and analysis across a broad range of sectors. Starbucks, Formula 1 and Tata all feature in recent posts.

South Asia Biz Currently keeping a close eye on the action at Lord’s (and Bollywood, and television talent contest Indian Idol), South Asia Biz follows also business news in India and across the region.

The Business of Bollywood More Bollywood than business – currently ruminating on whether or not Shilpa Shetty is a home-wrecker – but the Our Bollywood blog does track events in the film industry, including recent news that Disney was considering a $30 million investment in a production company that has apparently also drawn interest from Sony Pictures and News Corporation, parent company of Times Online.

India A blog dedicated to news from the car industry in India. Its author also exercises the right to reply – to Jeremy Clarkson after he took on the world on Times Online.

Internet in India A blogger’s attempt to offer “a more comprehensive business view” of the internet industry in India.’ the India “business buzz” from various industries. The blog has only been running since May this year, but its author is a keen advocate of the corporate blogosphere and offers ten reasons to set up a business blog.

India Business and Stock Business analysis from an accountancy student in Mumbai. His most recent post asks ‘Who’s afraid of Wal-Mart?’

Don’t trust the Indian media! An example of a blog with an agenda. Its author, a 28 year old print journalist from New Delhi, argues that the Indian media is “full of vested interests”, but despite his own declared interests, for example his irritation with “the way the Indian media takes the moral high ground”, his posts do offer a close look at events in the Indian media world.

Thank you Times Online for featuring. I guess in next six months you should see among top 3 if not No. 1.
On a sidenote- Amit Agarwal has been doing a great job of compiling a list of top and upcoming Indian blogs from all fields, It is a nice reference point. is also among the blogs listed in the Business section. You may want to have a look at it – India Bloggers

  1. RSoft says

    The way you presented this list for sites are Appreciable, I Found your article very interesting I learned lot from your content So kind of you to provide us a knowledge of these important things really heplful, Thank you for sharing .

  2. Dileepan says

    I find that only two of these are still current: Digital Inspiration – Technology Blog by Amit Agarwal and your own! Congratulations on not just your great content but also your consistency and longevity!
    Well done… and all the best!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Dear Dileepan – It is such a great feeling to hear from you…. You have always been a person I have looked upto, and even today I do remember the conversations that we have had…

      Would love to catch up with you sometime – Do let me know if you are in Pune sometime and we can spend some time over a cup of coffee…

      Arun Prabhudesai

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