The Indian software professionals are in big demand for 2 M’s….Money and Marriage!


The Indian IT men are not only hot in Job Market, but they are hottest in Marriage market as well. Nowadays, every mother wants her daughter to be married to a software professional.

Indian IT guys are in huge demand…and why should they not be?

A young Indian IT professional in India is earning more than double the average salary than any other profession. They are also likely to see their salaries jump more than any other professional in the country right now – with salaries rising about 20% a year on average. In last few years, people have left their jobs in other engineering streams and joined the Software bandwagon. Even then, India faces a huge scarcity of software guys as per the recent Nasscom Survey. Infact, by 2010, the demand and supply gap is going to be as wide as half a million jobs.

Not very long ago, an ideal candidate for marriage was a person having decent government job. That was looked upon as a security for life. Every parent wanted their daughter married to a settled government employee. Not any more !

The statistics from sites like Jeevan Sathi and Bharat Matrimony show that nearly 80% of people are looking for a software professional match. Even better, if the guy is settled abroad or has chances of moving abroad. I guess the attraction for west has not diminished a bit.

In early days, a software person was known to be a geek, a nerd and not exactly a marriage material, but with technology coming in vogue, they are now the most sought after professionals. It is also because the priorities for match making have not changed.

The biggest thing to look for in a potential candidate is MONEY (very relative term), and IT men seem to have that in abundant now-a-days.The young IT generation in India is really a fortunate lot.

Make hay while the sun shines !

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  1. Rohit Kaushik says

    Great post! In present, IT sector is at its peak and that’s the reason why software professionals are in huge demand. In fact, families believe that job profiles and their related demand in future are some of the noteworthy reasons for any relationships to succeed. Salary growth rate in IT industry is far better than the rest, IT Software professionals are in incredible demand in India and are paid attractive compensations by the MNC companies. It is a fast-growing sector in India as well. However, the statistics clearly summarize the most demanding jobs in India from wedding points of view, and, software professionals are on the top of the list. Thanks!

  2. Nags says

    Its true.A survey recently conducted has revealed that Software Professionals are the most preferred marriage partners amongst Indian Women with more than 50% of the Females desiring to marry Software Professionals when compared to financial and Medical Professionals.This is beacuse,nearly 70 per cent of the women expected their spouses to earn between Rs 50,000 and 1 lakh per month.

  3. ramakrishna says

    yes, now the demand still kepp souring for both the man and  woman.
    seems to be like the average salary hike is proportional to the rate of demand.

  4. trakin says

    Yes it does, I should have actually written about it . Even IT females are in hot demand, especially who have opportunities to go abroad. Also, IT women have more intellectual appeal to them. What do you think ?

  5. Mesmerized says

    May be its time for me to change my profession lol! :P (JK)

    Interesting, But I hope these ladies dont get married and then sit at home and waste their knowledge.

  6. Mesmerized says

    Make hay while the sun shines !,,,,, hahahah!

    Well so the hot property is IT, I wonder if the same demand stays true for females in the IT sphere.

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