Who are the Highest Taxpayers in India, and how much do they pay?


Do you know who are the highest Taxpayers in India. Most of you may guess that it may be one of these Business heads or the richest Indian guys on the Forbes list. In practical this is not very true. The top 10 list is crowded with Bollywood Stars, Hrithik Roshan leading the Bollywood list with close to 15.1 crores (approx $ 4 Million). I am surprised with the amount of movies Amitabh and Abhishekh Bacchan do, they do not even figure in top 11. Really really surprising. The 3rd on the list Shah Rukh Khan has been a consistent topper for a last few years.

Here is the list of highest taxpayers in India:

Taxes paid in 2006-07 (Rs. In crores)

1. N Raheja 16.50 ($4.05 Millions)

2. Hrithik Roshan 15.10 ($3.7 Millions)

3. Shah Rukh Khan 14.00 ($4.05 Millions)

4. Zia Mody 6.75 ($1.65 Millions)

5. Akshay Kumar 6.60 ($1.62 Millions)

6. Sachin Tendular 5.75 ($1.41 Millions)

7. M H Mody 5.45 ($1.34 Millions)

8. Dr S Bhattacharya 4.35 ($1.01 Millions)

9. Nishit Desai 3.15 ($.99 Millions)

10. Kareena Kapoor 2.90 ($.71 Millions)

11. John Abraham 1.10 ($.27 Millions)

Seeing the list, the first thought that comes to my mind is, where are all the other Bigwigs ????? I mean, I am sure there are hundreds of Indians earning more than Kareena Kapoor and John Abraham. What’s up with the Billion Dollar + Club, there are at least 40 of them as per last years Forbes list.

  1. milan kolkata says

    my request to all indians…plz. do not hide your taxable income & pay your tax if you have any taxable income, and reduce the poverty level & lead the country towards success…

    1. Vandhana Karthick says

      Yes I too with you but If tax payers are paying regularly means also the scam in big level cannot be reduced, Many scams recently made India to see worldwide in Scam. This also peoples tax paid money, but the politicians always loot those and save in swiss bank, by seeing this many decides to quit paying tax..Whats my point is right or wrong?

  2. anand says

    loopholes are visible to whole country but not to tax department

    1. madhu says

      Tax payers and tax department members have Liaison between them….

      90% indians are corrupted ……its shame on them…

  3. rajeesh says

    is there anyway we can know how much tax the political leader was paying bfroe they become leader and how much they now paying and property holding b4 and after ?

  4. trakin says

    Yes…Sub, that may be true to a certain extent !

  5. sub says

    clearly shows how the big wigs save their money from the tax dept. n re-invest this “black” money

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