Designed & Developed in India Ezetap’s Sub USD50 Mobile PoS A Boon For Small Merchants


Ezetap has announced launch of it’s Mobile Point of Sale Device (MPoS), and with it, has brought a compelling mobile payment acceptance solution for small & medium size merchants.

This integrated MPoS has many appealing aspects about it – First, it is priced less than one-third of any another similar MPoS device available in the market globally. Ezetap MPoS has a price tag of less than USD 50 or less than rupees 3000/-.

The more interesting aspect of this device – The price tag has been achieved, not by sourcing it from China, but getting it fully designed and developed fully in India. This is a big achievement and something that Ezetap should be quite proud of.

Ezetap MPos

Though, the price is cheap, Ezetap has not cut any corners as far as the features go – It integrates seamlessly with any smart device or even a feature phone. Ezetap MPoS Card reader supports the old magnetic stripe cards as well as the new chip and pin cards. The device is certified against global security standards and is compliant with the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

Unlike other MPoS devices, Ezetap device has a PIN Pad attached that will enable every debit and credit card in India to be used on this device.

Ezetap has also become the first company in India to achieve both EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. EMV is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology, which is also known as smart-cards.

According to the announcement, Ezetap has crossed 7000 live devices in India alone and is adding over 2000 devices per month. The company plans to expand to South East Asia in next 3 months and is already live in Kenya!

Ezetap devices is sure to be lapped up by merchants, especially small and medium sized, due to the attractive price point that it has been introduced at.

With launch of Ezetap MPoS, the barrier of entry is definitely reduced, and should accelerate debit and credit card mobile payments in India at a very rapid pace!

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    Any idea what their transaction fees are? They have no information on their site.

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