Myntra Visitor Traffic Surpasses Flipkart & Jabong [Comscore]


Myntra now leads all Indian E-Commerce sites in terms of unique visitors as per the latest Comscore report for June 2013.

The report shows that received 13.17 million unique visitors in the month of June, which was more than any other e-commerce site in India.

Flipkart has long been the poster boy of Indian e-commerce space, and has consistently beaten other e-commerce sites in traffic as well. However, slew of new features launched by Myntra in recent times seem to have worked quite well for them.

Top E-Commerce Sites in India

Along with Myntra, Jabong also is giving Flipkart a tough fight. Infact, Jabong is actually quite close Flipkart in terms of unique visitors – 12.4 million as compared to 12.64 million of Flipkart.

However, the most surprising is growth of Amazon sites. According to Comscore, and sites got a combined traffic of 11.9 million unique visitors in June 2013, which is quite close to Flipkart’s 12.6 million traffic. has still some catching up to do with top 4 Indian e-commerce sites with 8.44 million visitors followed by 8.1 million of Homeshop18.

Comscore is arguably the most authorative platform that reports traffic for leading websites in the world. While there may be some difference in numbers, the figures reported by Comscore present the true story of the amount of traffic Indian e-commerce sites get.

I would have loved to see IRCTC figures side by side with these site – I am sure they are the biggest by fair margin even today.

One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is – Traffic is just one aspect, the more important aspect that needs to be looked at are the number of transactions that a ecommerce site makes. From that perspective, I am pretty sure that Flipkart rules the game. They probably have highest number of transactions among all the sites listed, that too by a fair margin. Infact, according to some sources Flipkart has shipped over 1 Lakh orders in a day!

  1. Arun says

    Hi Arun
    Nice to see the way you have described the traffic stats but one question poping up in my mind is that Does ebay not even exist in top 5 ecommerce giants in India…?? and if it is true so then can you please tell me some reasons behind it where it is lagging and all….and am also even surprised not to see some growing giants not even just touching the competition what about the e commerce like shopclues and tradus…??
    It was nice one to go through your post….but hoping to get the answer of these doubts I have

    Thanks !!!!!

  2. sachin says

    Would you know which is the largest single brand e commerce site in india?

  3. Arun says

    Hi Arun Prabhudesai, can you please share, where can I find the Comscore report.

  4. aditya j says

    Hi Arun,

    Thanks for clarifying.


  5. aditya j says

    Unique visitor definition differs from company to company Comscore will have a different definition than Omniture. Also see the nature of business with respect to each company. The reason i feel Myntra and Jabong are in the top 5, is that they mostly sell apparels, footwear etc and users tend to spend more time on apparel, footwear pages for different reasons (brands, check the color, size, type etc) hence qualify as unique visitors and may be buyers. Hence visitors should actually be a secondary function to qualify as Top e-commerce company.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Aditya – I guess you are talking about pageviews… the lifestyle products may generate more page views but the unique traffic is basically a single visitor irrespective of number of pages he visits.
      About the top ecommerce site…I mentioned in the article that most important aspect is the amount of transactions that happen on the site..and not the traffic. Infact, traffic can be increased through paid traffic as well.

  6. sahil says

    Thanks for sharing this info and stats

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