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Last week, Oxigen Wallet organized a small blogger’s meetup at Gurgaon where they demonstrated the usability and functioning of their mobile app. I happened to be present there, and was quite impressed with the way Oxigen Wallet can actually make my life easier.

A typical technology savvy Internet user will use the web to transfer money and pay the bills. We all already do that: we open our internet banking accounts to transfer money, we use online services to recharge our mobiles, pay our bills and so on.

As I observed in my case, I need to open different websites everytime I need to accomplish these tasks. For example, say I want to transfer money to my friend. I will open my HDFC Netbanking and then initiate the transfer.

Now I want to recharge my mobile. I will open another website where I can recharge it; now I want to pay the bill of my internet connection and for that I will again need to open another website, and make the payment.

As you can see, for three different tasks, I opened three different websites and accomplished the tasks.

What if I told you that now you can perform these three tasks plus other payment related tasks using one single platform only, and that too right on your mobile? It makes these tasks super easy and super time-saver.

Oxigen Wallet does exactly that.

Oxigen Wallet

How Does It Work?

Now, what would be the flowchart of action if I want to complete the same three tasks using Oxigen Wallet?

  • Step 1: Load money on my wallet using HDFC bank account
  • Step 2: Transfer money to my friend in 3 easy steps. Time spent: 30 seconds
  • Step 3: Recharge my mobile in 1 step. Time spent: 20 seconds
  • Step 4: Pay my bill in 3 steps. Time spent: 30 seconds

Hence, within a minute, I was able to perform all the three tasks, right on the same platform without any hassles!

At the meetup, I was informed that Oxigen Wallet application can be used for several other online transactions related activities as well:

  • Instant money transfer to anyone having a smartphone
  • Instant mobile recharges, DTH or data card
  • Bill payment for almost all post-paid phone connections, landline, data card and electricity bill
  • Online shopping on more than 2000+ portals and ecommerce sites as they have collaborated with popular payment gateways such as Bill Desk, CC Avenues etc. Additionally, they have directly tied up with sites such as, Ebay, Ferns N Petals, Godaddy, Dominos and more.

It is really exciting to know that the power lies in your mobile phone and just with few humble clicks, you can do so many tasks easily.

Practical Usage

Practical usability of Oxigen Wallet was shared by Mr. Vivek who is the Product Manager of the company. He asked us to assume that a group of friends have decided to watch a movie but when the time to pool money comes, two of the friends have no cash.

With Oxigen wallet, it is not an issue anymore. Instantly, those cash-less guys can transfer the required money to their friends, and they can happily watch that movie together.

Concerns & Apprehensions?

There were some concerns and apprehensions shared as well regarding the service. Such as:

  • Transaction fee for incoming funds (they responded that its free for 6 months and after that a market standard fee would be charged)
  • In case of failed transaction (they said that we can directly contact the customer care team at Oxigen Wallet and resolve the issue)
  • International incoming/outgoing payments (At this time, they are only providing services within India as RBI rules doesn’t permit them to handle international transactions)
  • Security (for more security, you are required to enter your password everytime, for every transaction. Very suitable provision)
  • Which banks will support Oxigen? (We were informed that Oxigen has tied up with every bank existing in the country. Great!)
  • What if we change our mobile? (you have to transfer your existing funds from the old mobile to the new one)

About Oxigen Team

Oxigen’s retail network is pretty strong right now, as they process 35 million+ transactions every month! Their powerful network of 1,35,000+ retailers spread all over the country makes sure that every transaction using Oxigen’s payment network is successful.

They are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and they are aligned with NASSCOM, IAMAI, MPFI and other industry networks and groups. Having 10+ years of experience in this market, I can surely place my bet on Oxigen Wallet, confidently.

You can download this free application from Google Playstore, and start using this awesome eWallet, to make your life easy.

Do share your feedback and comments if you are using Oxigen Wallet by commenting right here.

  1. Kapil says

    I use oxigen wallet from last four years its easy and convinced but as my knowledge i saw lots of bugs in site n apps so oxigen need to improve that and oxigen is best from all other wallet services like airtel money m-pesa
    N if we have mobile banking then its cashload service is just awasome coz might be its a without tax but its too easy just send an sms

  2. Ashish Sabal says

    Worst logic for changing password for every time you login in mobile and for sending PIN for transfer money from PC, If I lost my sim card lost then how to transfer or purchase money from that wallet.
    And there is no option for edit number for wallet in profile section.
    By these all comparisons PAYTM is best.

  3. Sanjay says

    Oxigen is the worst! half the time OTP doesnt work and we can not do a single transaction. Emailing them for customer support is also a waste. They dont reply.

    Please avoid them

  4. Ankita says

    quick and convenient!!
    one wallet providing so many solutions!!
    earlier i had to use separate applications for each purpose!

    Thumbs Up!

  5. santosh says

    if you see … review on google play ….. worst app …. lot of problems …..

  6. santosh says

    Compare to this PAYTM is good with good feature …

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