US Immigration Bill Approved: Overview & Key Highlights!


Yesterday US Immigration Bill was approved, and it is expected to have far reaching impact on illegal immigrants living in the US. The new immigration bill has many new provisions, which include change in various Visa granting policies, which includes H1B visas as well.

The bill passed with 13 to 5 vote majority creates a pathway to citizenship for over 11.5 million immigrants. Two biggest changes that have been proposed in the bill opens doors for low-skilled foreign labour to work in US and also increases the numbers for highly skilled foreign workers (like the ones who are on H1B visa.)


Key highlights of the New US Immigration Bill

1)  The quota for H1B Visa’s has increased from existing 65000 a year to 110,00 a year. Another 25000 extra H1B visa’s have been set aside for workers with advanced degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths if they are from a US school.

2) The H1B visa cap could be further extended depending on demand and employment rates prevalent at that time in the US.

3) However, companies who have more than 15 percent of skilled workers on H1B visa’s will be subjected to tighter norms as compared to companies less dependent on H1B Visas.

4) The much talked about Startup Visa has been introduced in the new immigration bill for foreign entrepreneurs who are seeking to come to US to start a company.

5) A new Merit Visa has also been introduced (capped at 250,000) that would award points to immigrants based on their education, employment, length of residence in the US. People will maximum points will be awarded these Visas.

6) Immigrants who have extra-ordinary abilities (like international level athletes, MNC executives etc) will be exempted from Green Card limits.

7) Diversity Visa Lottery program has been abolished. 55,000 visa’s were earlier awarded to people from countries which had historically low rate of immigration to the USA.

8) One of the biggest changes that have been bought in the new immigration bill are the provisions for low-skilled workers. The new “W” visa will allow upto 200,000 low skilled workers into the country for jobs in sectors like construction and hospitality.

9) A new Agriculture worker visa program has been introduced that will allow them extra 5 years to apply for green cards, if they stay in same sector.

10) The new immigration bill will not allow US citizens to sponsor their spouses, children’s or siblings as was allowed previously. Now, US citizens will only be allowed to sponsor married sons and daughters who are aged below 31 years.

11) All employers are now needed to implement E-Verify program that electronically verifies their employees’ legal status.


Overall, Indians in the US as well as people who are in India must be quite happy with the provisions made in the new US immigration bill.

Do let us know what you think of these new provisions!

  1. udaysripathi says

    Please stop posting wrong information that spreads misinformation. US Citizens will always be allowed to sponsor their spouses.

  2. Ashish says

    This is a good summary,but I should point out a few things.
    1. The bill is only approved in Senate. For it to become a law, it also needs to be approved in the house and then signed by the president. The chances of immigration bill to pass in the house in its current form, are questionable. Senate is controlled by Democrats (Obama’s party) and therefore, it had an easy ride there. House is controlled by Republicans, who like to reject anything that originates from Democrat controlled Senate. So still a long way to go.

    2. I have not read the law outside of the news outlets, but the point regarding US citizens sponsoring their relatives is incorrect. The law proposes elimination of FB4 priority but it does not eliminate the sponsorship of immediate relative (spouses, children, parents). Can you let me know the source of your information? My info is based on what a US attorney told me.

    However, in general, the immigration bill is quite focused on merit based immigration and is in the right direction.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @Ashish – Thanks for your comment and clarification about the point.
      I have been trying to get hold of actual bill copy but USICS site has still not put it up there. I will confirm from my side and then make the appropriate changes.

      and yes, you are right…it has only been passed in Senate, but I think even republicans agree that there needs to be big reforms in immigration bill and hopefully they vote for it in the house…

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