[Exclusive Interview] This Fashion Startup Is Enabling Customers To Create Their Own Fabric: Find Out How?

Recently, we interacted with Ms. Urvisha Panchani, Director, Fabcurate, and asked about her entrepreneurial story, and how she is infusing innovation in the fashion industry.

Here are the interview highlights:

[Exclusive Interview] This Fashion Startup Is Enabling Customers To Create Their Own Fabric: Find Out How?

1. Tell us about your venture. What is the story behind its inception?

Fabcurate was started with the purpose to give fashion enthusiasts exactly what they desire. There was a need for something unique and reliable in the market. We are not just any typical fabric store, that is here to sell fabrics and earn profit. Before we started, we did a lot of research on the preferences of people and if they were really happy with what they were getting. Launching Fabcurate was a big deal for us because our intention has always been to revolutionize the fabrics world. 

2. What does your platform have to offer and what makes you different from other players?

We offer versatility and freedom. Fabrics are the closest thing to us. Anyone can customize their design and share it with us and we will print them on the fabrics. And only after he/she likes it, can order, or else it’s not compulsory. We take care of our customers after-sales. We guide them from beginning to end. We uplift Indian crafts and traditions. A wide variety of collections of different kinds of fabrics is designed graciously. 

3. How much traction did the venture witness since its inception, targeting growth for the upcoming year?

We have received an overwhelming response from all over the country and even from foreign countries. That has boosted our confidence and we are surprised and excited. When we compare our current data to the inception days, we feel proud. And there is no turning back, we are progressing at a good rate. And we have an eye for being the fabric brand in the upcoming year. A company that one can rely on and trust. Post pandemic phase is going to be very crucial, as more and more competition and startups are emerging but we are more focused on improving ourselves. 

4. How many orders did the brand receive per day? 

The number of orders per day has increased substantially and it has reached a good number. We receive around 250 orders per day and in terms of value, it goes to like 4.5-5 lacs per day. The numbers seem very good but we are striving to increase them by doing more marketing and advertising. 

5. What strategies is Fabcurate following to strengthen its presence in tier 2-3 markets of India?

Tier 2-3 markets are struggling in terms of facilities and the kind of products they want. So to rectify that, we have already made a sales team. We have 6 sales person currently that are going to different parts of the country and meeting with the boutique store owners and others. So the people of those regions will also have the availability like other cities. In the upcoming year, we will have 50 salespeople do the same work. Fabrics for all. This is our motive and we are continuously working to expand our reach within India.

6. What are your funding and expansion plans?

We are looking for funding soon, as we want to be at the international level. And we want to expand our reach to foreign customers. Increasing the sales team, along with production capacities to meet the required demands will require monetary support. Currently, we are based in Surat and have an offline store here. We are enthusiasts in marketing, targeting a suitable customer base. And so far it has worked out great for us. 

7. Tell us about your upcoming projects and products.

We believe in experiments and trying something new to get the excitement level always high. We are now focused on introducing new prints and distinct fabrics that are more kind of value addition to someone’s wardrobe. For wedding seasons, we are going to launch new embroidered & velvet fabrics that are much in demand during winter times. We have also introduced velvet blouses, which is something new and our experiment is yielding quite good results. For the summer season, we will be diverted to sustainable cotton and other fabrics which are easy to carry on the body. So, far our designer sarees and blouses have been quite a ‘talk of the town’ in the fashion world. 

8. What has been your entrepreneurial journey in building a brand?

When we look back, we are thrilled to know our current position. Our journey was full of experience and a good pace. The graph of progress has always been increasing. Because since the start we are focused on the best customer experience and quality. During the pandemic time, business was slow, and when the restrictions of lockdown were slowly lifting, we gained a good pace. The number of International orders increased. Fashion never goes out of style, and people understand this and so do we.

 9. How is Fabcurate disrupting the gap in the textile industry?

We want to be transparent with our customers and provide them with the best quality fabrics. We have a wide range of fabrics, that have different price ranges. We don’t want to bind someone to limited options, rather we believe that one should explore. People can have a direct conversation with us through social media and also we have provided customer care numbers so that, anyone having a doubt can reach us. We do Eco-friendly printing processes by using Azo-free dye and hence, contributing towards the betterment of the environment. We are sourcing the raw materials from the places and artisans that deserve the attention. 

 10. What are your expectations for the year 2023?

 The market is going to be good for the fashion world. The expected growth of fabrics is going to be more. As in the current year, there were record sales and with the economy gaining pace, the year 2023 will be a treat for the companies. We are expecting our revenues to surpass 20 Cr. The government is also contributing towards the betterment of the textile business by introducing the PLI scheme. This has allowed more and more people to get involved in this business. Social media is playing a vital role in this sector. Every company is now doing online business, no matter big or small.

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