100 UK Companies Switch To Permanent 4-Day Work Week, Without Any Salary Cut!

As many as a hundred companies in the UK will positively be switching to a four-day working week.

The companies have also agreed to this working plan without any pay cuts as well. 

100+ UK Companies Switch To Permanent 4-Day Work Week, Without Any Salary Cut!

Four Day Work Week For 100 More Companies In the UK

One hundred organizations in the UK have committed to implementing a four-day workweek without reducing salaries. The 100 enterprises, which collectively employ 2,600 people, are hoped to play a significant role in the country’s transformation via the 4 Day Week Campaign.

A five-day workweek, according to proponents of the four-day workweek, is essentially a holdover from an earlier economic era that is no longer necessary. 

As per reports, they contend that businesses can increase productivity so they can do the same amount of work in less time and that the four-day workweek would facilitate this productivity increase.

Early adopters of the policy also thought it was a wonderful way to keep employees happy and recruit new ones.

They have received the campaign’s endorsement, demonstrating that they have actually cut staff members’ working hours rather than just compressing the same number of hours into fewer days.

What Is The Four Day Work Week Campaign?

The 4 Day Week Campaign is also managing the largest working-pattern pilot in the world for over 70 enterprises with 3,300 employees.

It’s an experiment with scientists from Boston College, the think tank Autonomy, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, as well.

88% of the firms said that the new style of working was going “good” when polled in September, midway through their experiment.

Nearly 95% of businesses reported that staff productivity had either increased or kept the same following the experiment.

Four-Day Working Week In India?

In India too, there could soon be a 4-day work week for all industry segments.

The Labour Secretary Apurva Chandra had previously announced that the Government is working on a new labor code, which will allow a four-day working week with longer work hours/day.

The weekly limit under the new code will continue to remain for 48 hours, however, employers will be allowed to deploy their employees’ flexible work hours, depending upon the number of active days in the week.

Japan has recently introduced some new annual economic policy guidelines that include new recommendations which suggest that companies should implement the four-day working week instead of the regular five.

The usually rigid and additional Japanese corporations have already been greatly modified due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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