Electric Vehicle Chargers Now Mandatory For Every Home, Office In This Country; Will It Help?

Homebuyers will be spared any additional cost of having the feature in their homes.

England is making it compulsory for newly built homes and offices to be fitted with electric vehicle (EV) chargers. 


The Plan

New homes and offices will have to have “smart” charging devices installed which can automatically charge vehicles during off-peak hours.

Office blocks will need to install a charge point for every five parking spaces.

This should help with arguments between people over who gets to use the charger first.

This makes England the first and only country in the world to mandate new homes to have EV chargers.

Financial Concerns?

Homebuyers will be spared any additional cost of having the feature in their homes.

The UK government has budgeted £1.3 billion (around $1.8 billion) towards installation costs.

Construction costs should not go up by much either, since many homes in the country already run on better-than-220-volt power.


This move should encourage adoption of EVs and making the switch from gas cars.

It would also greatly benefit future homeowners with the convenience of being able to charge their EVs at home.

It will also serve to reduce concerns regarding the range of EVs.

The country is also making preparations for its 2030 ban on new fossil-fuel vehicles by boosting the number of chargers.

The new law regarding EV chargers will likely start next year in 2022.

Indian EV Market

The EV space in India is heating up with multiple high-profile firms aspiring to launch their own EVs.

Xiaomi, the smartphone giant, had completed registration of its electric vehicle (EV) unit earlier this month.

The EV unit is named Xiaomi EV Inc and was opened with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion).


Tesla is also looking to enter the Indian market but any significant progress can only come about if the government reduces the massive import duty on foreign-made vehicles.

As of now, the government is asking Tesla to set up a domestic production unit.

But Tesla wants to test the waters first for market response.

MG, Tata Motors

Morris Garages or MG will launch two electric vehicles (EV) in India after 2024.

It is going to launch the electric versions of its sole EV in the market at present- ZS EV.

The 2 EVs-a compact SUV and a hatchback- will also be more affordable.

It faces competition from the dominant Tata Nexon, Tata Motors’ all-electric compact SUV, which has generated sales accounting for 64% of the overall EV market.

Not one to rest on its laurels, it has also recently launched the all-new Tigor EV.

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