This Is How Historical Monuments Are Being Protected From Drones: Breakthrough Anti-Drone Solution!

This is a Guest Post by Mr. Mark Wilson, Camera Editor, Techradar

At present in India, there are more than twenty-five key monuments and almost twelve new statues of national importance are being developed across the nation.

This Is How Historical Monuments Are Being Protected From Drones: Breakthrough Tech You Should Know!

We can proudly say that the diversity of our nation is the reason behind the rich historic background that we have. Our country’s economic growth is directly related to these historic monuments. Taj Mahal is one such attraction that brings a lot of foreign tourists and thus foreign exchange to our country.

Monuments have been a part of ancient civilization, giving us a lot of knowledge about how people in those eras used to live. They are of great scientific importance as they were built on strong Architectural fundamentals. Many of them still have many questions unanswered regarding their designs. Various historical researchers have been working on multiple sites to understand these secrets. They need to be protected at every cost for our future generations.  Thus, it becomes evident that the security of these monuments should be of the highest priority for our country.

Some miscreants may cause harm to these monuments to get the attention of society and the Government. These threats are currently being effectively managed by various governmental entities. Initially, The Archeological Survey of India managed the security at the majority of these monuments, but a few years ago, the security was passed to The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

The important part is to know that this shift was made because there were greater concerns regarding the growing threats to these monuments. When we analyze the situation we need to understand that now these threats have even become airborne. As a per study by the Ministry of Aviation, drones are a new threat to the various important government buildings and monuments present in the country.

Drones have been a critical technological advancement but they are also becoming a liability if used with the wrong intentions. Drones are capable of moving at a very high speed and at very low flying altitudes which makes them the right fit as a carrier. Thus, they have a very high probability of being used in attacks on monuments and other important government buildings. This new kind of security threat needs a better solution to be implemented.

ACSG Corp has been developing an Anti-drone solution that focuses on the deployment of strict measures to bring these rogue drones down. The idea is to stop the rogue drones from flying into the high-security zones and neutralize them in time, well before they threaten these buildings of critical importance. These drones can be carrying anything from arms and ammunition to even bombs.

Many of these monuments are a soft target for the attackers as very few places have a counter-drone management system. This security gap can be a possible loophole in securing a major monument. All security agencies should aim to have the anti-drone-supported security infrastructure at these places. 

This new technology gives a great edge over other security measures as it can be easily deployed at any location. A lot of research has been carried out in making these devices and hence are capable to detect these drones from afar. The problem that arises with the current Arial Surveillance system is that they are designed to detect bigger aerial objects like planes and helicopters. Being of a smaller size the drones can easily fly under the radar and reach their targeted destination.

We have to acknowledge that we need an Anti-drone system more than ever before as the threat nowadays is very different from what it used to be a decade ago. Our security arrangements at these places have not been able to keep pace with technological advancements that have changed the threat profile. Failure to protect these monuments would be a big security lapse impacting the image of the country and we should act fast rather than wait and watch for any mishappening to take place.

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