Indians Can Legally Fly Drones Now – What Are The Possibilities?

India's 1st Drone Policy comes into effect starting December 1st. Find out what can happen now!

You can fly drones in India now
You can fly drones in India now

For all those living under a rock, drones are aerial vehicles that do not require a pilot. The news is that drones are now legal in India from December 1. While initially used in wars, they have a newfound use in the delivery service sector and taxis as well. India becomes one of the few countries in the world, which has its own drone policy.

Let’s see how this will actually affect us:


Deliveries made easier!

How long does it take for something you ordered to reach you? Online shopping portals promise us a 3 to 4 day delivery. But drones can actually deliver your package to you in just a few hours! Amazon is working on its drone delivery techniques and can assure a delivery within 3 to 4 hours only instead of days.

What can a drone deliver?

A drone can carry an amount of less than 250 grams up to a whopping 150 kilograms as well! From a shirt you want to wear to that big event to small upright piano that you’ve always wanted, a drone has got it all covered. Drones will also be used for delivering food. You don’t have to worry if a pizza you ordered will be cold by the time it reaches your doorstep. Another advantage that can be highlighted is that there’s not much traffic in the air and thus, your food will definitely reach you steaming and delicious!

Drones replace taxis!

Soon enough, Ola and Uber will be launching their own drone taxis! Science, technology and of course our government has now made it possible for a person to travel short distances through a drone. What with the traffic making it tedious for us to go even the shortest distances without stopping for a red light, this is indeed a relief!

Who can drive a drone?

Driving a drone is not as difficult as it seems. Anyone who is a class 10th pass can drive a drone given that he is a licensed driver. Just like cars and bikes require a licensed driver, drones do too.

It does come with a few limitations: A drone cannot be flown close to the airports, military and government building and campsites. But keeping a glass half full approach, we can definitely say that drones are surely coming to our rescue!

You can register for drones and licenses right here.

To find out complete rules and regulations related to drones, visit here.

What else can we do with drones? Share your ideas and opinions right here!

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