Wait.. What? Jio 5G Phone Is Not Launching Anytime Soon.. You Will Need To Wait!

There have been rumors about the launch of a Jio 5G phone; if you’ve heard those, we’d like to inform that they’re not true

Wait.. What? Jio 5G Phone Is Not Launching Anytime Soon.. You Will Need To Wait!

In fact, some sources that are closely involved with the company have issued clarification as well. 

Read on to find out all the details!

No Reliance 5G Phone To Be Launched

In an effort to get everyone in India online and connected to the Jio network, the company unveiled the Jio Phone in August 2017. The Jio Phone was a 4G feature phone that supported VoLTE and gave users access to Jio’s app library. Similar to how Jio is getting ready to roll out its 5G services, it was anticipated that Jio Phone 5G would be unveiled to provide the market with a cheap 5G smartphone.

However, this is not true. 

As per sources close to the development, “Jio Phone 5G is NOT a thing, that will land in Consumers’ hands, at least not yet. So it is not going to be announced anytime soon. At Jio, different devices, including 5G Smartphones, are tested regularly, but that doesn’t mean all the devices will make it to the consumers.”

Previous Reports About Jio 5G Phone Launch

Previous reports suggested that Jio has completed planning the implementation of 5G coverage, and it is known to take it forward in phases, starting with 13 cities in its first phase.

The report has suggested that the 5G phone will likely be priced at Rs 10,000 and will offer 5G plans to its users. 

The pricing model of this phone could be similar to its predecessor, the Reliance JioPhone Next, launched in Diwali of 2021, with an option to pay the upfront cost or opt for the EMI offer.

Reliance has stated that it is preparing the phone, keeping in mind to offer 5G connectivity to 1,000 cities in the country.

Reports suggest that if the corporation believes that even if its 5G network has respectable coverage in India, 5G smartphone pricing are still too high. As a result of the high cost of 5G smartphones, adoption of 5G services is also somewhat slower than expected. In that case, it will exert pressure with its Jio Phone 5G to get mobile manufacturers to create reasonably priced 5G smartphones.

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