This Indian Startup Is Giving Rs 10 Lakh Bonus To Fit Employees; One-Month Salary As Bonus!

Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath has announced yet another initiative to keep the company’s employees fit and fine. 

This Indian Startup Is Giving Rs 10 Lakh Bonus To Fit Employees; One-Month Salary As Bonus!

He has tweeted that the company will host a new health challenge and has also promised rewards in return. 

Read on to find out the challenge and the bonuses for the employees of Zerodha!

Zerodha Employees To Get Bonus For Meeting Activity Goals

Nithin Kamath’s tweet states that this latest health challenge at Zerodha will include giving an option to set a daily activity goal on fitness tracking devices. 

In April, Nithin Kamath also announced a bonus for employees who have a BMI of less than 25. He said that measuring a person’s body mass index or BMI is the easiest way for them to start their health and wellness journey.

In addition to that if an employee manages to bring his or her BMI under 24 by August they will also get another half month’s pay as a bonus.

This bonus was being offered to mark World Health Day.

In 2021 too, we reported that Zerodha asked all its employees to set a 12-month get-healthy goal. They were asked to update the progress every month so that it creates accountability.

To promote more participation, Zerodha promised a one-month salary as a bonus to employees who will reach their goal and stay fit and healthy. The company also announced one lucky draw for Rs.10 lakh.

Employees To Get 1 Month Salary As Bonus

The employees who meet their predecided goals on 90% of the days in the next year will be offered a bonus in the form of 1 month’s salary. 

He tweets, “Given that most of us are WFH & sitting is the new smoking, turning into an epidemic. We are doing whatever to nudge everyone on the teams & hopefully, they and their families to move daily.”

However, it is an optional program. The goal is a minimum of 350 active calories in a day in any form. 

As per Kamath, “Since my initial weight gain after COVID, tracking activity has been the best growth hack, end up being more conscious about diet too. Slowly upped daily goal to 1000 calories. This is how my Sep looks until now; it will be interesting to see other’s who use activity trackers.”

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