Tata Can Become 1st Indian Company To Make iPhones! Tata Wants To Assemble iPhones For Indian Market

In a bid to manufacturing an iPhone in India, the Indian salt-to-software conglomerate Tata Group has reportedly been in talks with a Taiwanese supplier to the US tech giant Apple.

Tata Can Become 1st Indian Company To Make iPhones! Tata Wants To Assemble iPhones For Indian Market

The talks with this Taiwanese supplier have been on lines of setting up an electronics manufacturing joint venture in the country for seeking to assemble an iPhone in India.

The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer began manufacturing iPhones in 2017 after years of Apple’s efforts to establish manufacturing capabilities in the country.

1st Indian Company To Make iPhones!

If the Tata Group succeeds in coming up with an electronics manufacturing joint venture in India, it would become the first Indian company to build iPhones.

At present, the premium phones are mainly assembled by Taiwanese manufacturing giants like Wistron and Foxconn Technology Group in China and India, stated a Bloomberg report.

Such a boost would be massive for India, especially for its efforts to challenge China as more companies would then begin to set their manufacturing units in India. 

The Chinese scene has already been on a neglected ground recently, as the country is hit by recurring cases of fresh Covid-19, which is resulting in repeated lockdowns, shutting down such production units.

This could result in companies relying lesser on China and more on India.

Not everything about the potential deal has come to light, as its structure, meaning the details related to it, like shareholdings are yet to be finalized, and as per people privy to the matter declined to be named as the conversations are private.

The deal for joint ventures between the Tata Group and Wistron could also comprise the former buying equity in the latter’s India operations or it could also include the companies building a new assembly plant. Besides, there are chances that the two companies could take forward both the plans, stated the courses.

‘Apple is known to work with local companies in regions where it sets up manufacturing bases — but assembling iPhones is a complicated task that entails meeting the US company’s tight deadlines and quality controls,’ stated the Bloomberg report.

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