Coffee Drinkers Will Live Longer! New Research Tells Less Risk Of Early Death For Coffee Lovers

If you are a coffee drinker, heavy or light, there’s good news for you. You know theories about how drinking excessive coffee in a day (2-3 cups) is harmful to health is suggested, it might not be as true as you intercept.

In a detailed recent three-phase research study conducted, which is assumed to be the largest study involving the potential role of coffee in seeing the patterns of heart disease and death, it was found that drinking coffee everyday has more health benefits than thought of.

For starters, instead of posing a risk to heart conditions, drinking regular cups of coffee a day is actually beneficial to one’s heart and can be recommended as part of a healthy diet, states the research.

Relation Between Drinking Coffee and Heart Health Explained

The head of arrhythmia research at the Australian university- Alfred Hospital and Baker Heart Institute, Melbourne, Peter Kistler, along with the head senior author of the study, found out that intake of coffee everyday should not be discouraged, and must be considered a part of healthy diet for people with and without heart disease.

“Because coffee can quicken heart rate, some people worry that drinking it could trigger or worsen certain heart issues. This is where general medical advice to stop drinking coffee may come from. We found coffee drinking had either a neutral effect – meaning that it did no harm – or was associated with benefits to heart health,” they added.

The research is considered (apparently) to be the largest study conducted on usage of coffee and its effect on heart problems, till date.

The researchers in the study have collected data from the UK Biobank study, which is a large database with health information from over half a million people, according to a report.

“Researchers examined data from 382,535 people without known heart disease to see whether coffee drinking played a role in the development of heart disease or stroke during the 10 years of follow up”, it added.

They found that an intake of about 2-3 cups of coffee in a day was considered of great benefit and reduced the risk of developing coronary heart disease, heart failure, a heart rhythm problem, or dying for any reason by a solid 10-15%.

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