[Exclusive Interview] This Indian Startup Enables You To Create Metaverse Without Using Any Code: No-Code Metaverse?

[Exclusive Interview] This Indian Startup Enables You To Create Metaverse Without Using Any Code: No-Code Metaverse?

Recently, we spoke with Shrey Mishra, Founder, XR Central and asked him about the company’s vision, and how they are disrupting the AR, VR and MR space with innovation.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

What big things are you looking forward to?

We want to unleash the full scope of XR and apply it to a variety of fields. In our B2B work, we’ve emphasised adaptive problem-solving resulting in beautifully immersive experiences which users can also find useful and meaningful. As well as the Indian subcontinent, we want to provide services to regions in the Middle East and Europe.  work is multicultural and intuitive and we are sure we will be able to bring that knowledge to develop timeless metaverse products for a diverse set of countries and audiences.

How are you creating immersive digital experiences with XR Central?

We provide B2B services and a forthcoming B2C product – MetaQube – is in the final stages of development. We’ve worked with partners like HCL, etc. to bring experience centers and immersive experiences to life, and are currently working with a diverse portfolio – from esport fanzones to building complex 3D models for training purposes in specialised fields. Most of these experiences are run on MetaQube, which will be our B2C product. MetaQube will be a no-code world builder, where you can build a digital environment for your friends and family or at scale for thousands of people in a matter of minutes.

How is XR Central solving real business problems with Gamification, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, Mobile Apps, etc.?

With our B2C product, MetaQube, we want to give the tools to a community of developers and energise Indian creators and coders to make the metaverse their own. The platform will be no-code, which means everyone, from a beginner to an expert, will be able to find something new in it.

We have been in the space of Gaming since 2014 with our brand Gaming Central, which is India’s one of the largest gaming communities with close to 11+ million followers. We wanted to dabble with game development and in the year 2015, we started developing a few 3D based games, as we were already creating activations for gaming brands across India. In 2017, we took a pivot to XR and started creating enterprise grade solutions using XR technology. In December, 2020 we had started conceptualizing our Metaverse Product, MetaQube. 

You are a tech company dealing in AR & VR, with 5G around the corner you think it is the best time to focus your energies into this realm?

5G is going to transform all industries, especially gaming and gamified experiences in enterprise settings. It’s going to come more slowly than we’d like because of logistic challenges, but we’re going to have to be ready to adapt to 5G powered Web 3.0 once it does. Training, learning and customer experiences especially will be transformed by the gamified experiences in store. For example, doctors in training could have advanced games wherein they will learn to diagnose illnesses and learn more about their field.

What new products are you working on?

We are working solely on our DIY metaverse builder – MetaQube. We are currently highlighting the collaborative enterprise metaverses (which includes experience centres), arts and culture sector and the ed-tech sector, and beyond that, we aim to develop a portfolio of solutions to fit the needs of a very diverse set of industries.

About the company:

XR Central is a start-up based out of Gurgaon. XR Central was incorporated in 2020, with an aim to democratize the Extended Reality (AR, VR, MR) space. They specialize in metaverse creation for a diverse array of industries, as well as creating interactive design content using immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality (MR, VR and AR). We’re currently developing our flagship product, a powerful, game-engine based metaverse builder called MetaQube. MetaQube will be an Indian rival to industry giants like Decentraland and SandBox, and we’re working on a slate of exciting features to bring it to life and make it truly a part of our users’ daily lives. XR Central was founded by Anshul Agarwal and Shrey Mishra. The organisation’s vision is to democratize the way XR technology has been used to solve real world problems.


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