[Exclusive Interview] This No-Code, No-Shore Tech Services Company Is Changing The Rules Of The Industry

[Exclusive Interview] This No-Code, No-Shore Tech Services Company Is Changing The Rules Of The Industry
[Exclusive Interview] This No-Code, No-Shore Tech Services Company Is Changing The Rules Of The Industry

Recently we interacted with Mr Suman Akula, Founder and CEO, StackNexus, a unique no-code, no-shore tech company.

We asked the secret mojo of his services platform, and how they are empowering their clients with innovative tech solutions.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

1. Please explain us about StackNexus? 

StackNexus is a global no code, no shore technology services company. Founded in 2017, StackNexus helps organizations attain operational excellence through Digital Transformation.  

We give power back to the businesses by helping them do things declaratively, i.e. build enterprise grade software at scale easily through drag and drop, making sure IT acts like a true accelerator for the growth of their business.  

From an industry standpoint we are a no code, no shore company – no code from a technology perspective and no shore through solution delivery perspective. Our global presence helps in adding immense value to our clients’ deploying projects on schedule and in their budget throughout geographies.  

2. What services are you offering? 
We have our services divided into three vertical CoEs (Center of Excellence):  

Salesforce Products – We have built no code products on Salesforce in: 311 Solutions, Grant Management, Licensing & Permitting, Emergency Management and Legal Case Management.  

Salesforce Services CoEs – which consists of Consulting, Automation & Optimization, Integration Services, Support and Maintenance.  

Staffing Services CoEs – 3rd Party Staffing, Staffing via IDIQs (Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity), and Direct Staffing. 

Data Services CoEs – Data Consolidation, Prescriptive Data Analytics, Predictive Data Analytics   

3. How do you stand out of your competitors? 

We are the only no code technology services that provides scalable no code technology throughout the whole spectrum and help companies attain true digital transformation. We only measure ourselves through the value that we have added for our customers.  

We reduce the time to implementation, because we believe in competency based delivery. We have created Centre of Excellence (CoEs) for each of our verticals, that has subject matter experts for every industry, who understand every detail of our client’s business needs and make decisions that will help our clients grow at an exponential rate.  

From no code solutions to hiring talent and making sense of their data, we help companies adapt to ever evolving technology.  
It’s not only what we do but how we do it. We are an employee first company; we believe happy employees build happy products. We also have something called as StackNexus University internally within our company, where we allow our team members to upskill, reskill helping them grow and remain up to date with technology. This in turn helps our customers get the best talent and technology working on their projects. Since our inception we have won the “best place to work at” for 3 consecutive years.  
Together we were able to put up a system during COVID for the California Government that helped to distribute $12 billion worth PPE kits in just 72 hours. This just speaks volumes about the capabilities of our team.  

Our obsession to add value for our customers has led us to win Inc #42 Fastest growing technology company award in the NE region, USA.  

4. What kind of changes in policies have brought in for the betterment of your customers? 

We are a global company, changes in policies in different countries affect us differently. Having said that, we have been working with the US Public Sector and have successfully delivered projects there. This experience in working with the public sector helps us in adapting to changes in policies quickly and helps us keep our clients in compliance locally, nationally and globally.  

5. What are your future plans? 

We want to be a premier no code technology services company throughout the technology spectrum, from automation to data to intelligence. We want to make it easy for businesses to adapt to ever changing technology.  

From a business standpoint we are currently in the US, India and have just acquired Vidruma Technologies Ltd, a company in UK to set our footprint in the European region.  
We are also betting heavy on no code data solutions, our strategic partnership with TMDC, Palo Alto will help us democratize data for companies helping them make sense of the overloaded data that they receive, through easy drag and drop functionalities.  

In the short term we are planning to grow to 500 employees from an existing 100 employees.  
Our expansion plans are to start offices in Canada and Australia.  

6. Anything else you want to highlight? 

We want to make it easier for individual entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations to adapt to technology rapidly and reap benefits immediately. There are so many ideas that do not see the light of the day, so many organizations that fail to scale due to tech constraints and do not reach their full potential, limiting their impact – we want to change that. We want to empower everyone with no code solutions, that will give power back to them and help them at any stage of their journey from idea to scale, creating a larger impact and adapting to change rather than fearing it.   

No code is the future, giving power back to businesses will not only help build meaningful companies but will be eventful in changing the way resources are consumed today.  

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