Petrol, Diesel Cars Banned In Europe From 2035; But There Are Few Concessions!

Petrol, Diesel Cars Banned In Europe From 2035; But There Are Few Concessions!
Petrol, Diesel Cars Banned In Europe From 2035; But There Are Few Concessions!

In the latest move toward a greener environment, automobiles will no longer have internal combustion engines.

European Union countries have together decided to ensure zero carbon emissions by 2035 by ending internal combustion engines. 

No Internal Combustion Engines After 2035

Environment ministers shook on a deal on this proposal after Italy reportedly gave up on its demands for a delay of five years in the EU’s plan. The EU’s plan asked automobile manufacturers to depollute their fleet. 

As per reports, Italian Ecological Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani is “satisfied” with a compromise by Germany that would allow the use of carbon-neutral fuels after 2035.

The agreement states the member states’ negotiating position for future discussions with the EU Parliament and the European Commission about the precise format of the EU’s historic Fit for 55 greenhouses gas-reduction package.

The EU lawmakers are inclining toward no usage of fossil fuels in the automobile industry, which means that automobile manufacturers will have to opt for electric vehicle manufacturing in a little over ten years.

As per Frans Timmermans, the commission’s executive vice-president, ““I have full confidence that the European car industry can manage. Our carmakers are among Europe’s industrial leaders and they can continue to be that as they embrace this global shift.”

Governments also agreed to improve the EU Emissions Trading System’s price-control mechanism as part of the package. In addition, they want to put off for a year the creation of a new carbon market for heating and transportation fuel. They also want to set up a climate fund to help the most vulnerable people afford the costs of the new cap-and-trade system.

Volkswagen To Stop Selling IC Engines By 2035

We reported last year that Volkswagen wants to stop selling combustion engines in Europe by 2035.

Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen’s board member for sales, told the newspaper that the company would “exit the business with internal combustion engine cars in Europe between 2033 and 2035.”

But, he added, it would take longer to stop selling combustion engines in the US and China— that will come “somewhat later,” he said— and in South America and Africa, where he said “it will take a good deal longer.”

According to Zellmer, the whole fleet of the carmaker will be carbon neutral by 2050. He wants electric vehicles to account for 70% of the company’s European sales by 2030.

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