This Startup Can Convert Your Petrol/Diesel Vehicle Into Electric Vehicle!

This Startup Can Convert Your Petrol/Diesel Vehicle Into Electric Vehicle (Find Out How This Happens!)
This Startup Can Convert Your Petrol/Diesel Vehicle Into Electric Vehicle (Find Out How This Happens!)

A startup, BharatMobi has discovered a system that will enable conventionally run cars to run on electric power sources after conversion.

The Government of India has always promoted the use of electrically powered vehicles by implementing various schemes to get people to use electric cars and bikes. 

Electric vehicles are much better than conventionally run cars as they emit much fewer greenhouse gases and thus help preserve the already damaged environment. They also help keep the noise pollution at controlled levels as they are much quieter than those run on petrol and diesel. 

Let’s find out about this system that converts conventionally run cars to run on electricity!

Hyderabad Based BharatMobi Develops Retrofitting Of Conventionally Run Vehicles

This new technique, EV Retrofitting or conversions, is the brainchild of BharatMobi, which is a Hyderabad based startup that works on converting already existing cars to electric power sources instead of adding new to the already crowded automobile industry. 

They also displayed their successfully converted Electric Sedan at the event of the launch of the technology. 

Akbar Baig, the co-founder of the company, said that this technology promises the security of the energy as it brings down the carbon power generation mix and also prevents greenhouse gas emissions. This kit will run smoothly with various cars and will also assure a hasslefree, efficient ride, without the usage of fuels. 

He states, “Now you can drive your own car without a single drop of fuel. With Retrofitting Kit your car becomes a pollution-free, gearless, noiseless vehicle. It can escape you from the stringent emission norms.”

As per Baig, the cost of this kit will be Rs. 5 lakh.

BharatMobi’s Conversion Kits Approved By ARAI and ICAT

BharatMobi co-founder Ashhar Ahmed Shaikh revealed that a standard kit of EV conversion has been developed by the company and it can electrify multiple vehicles. 

He said that the aim of BharatMobi is to develop productive and eco-friendly vehicles that are sustainable too, by converting the cars that run on petrol or diesel into electric vehicles that don’t give out any harmful emissions. 

The kits of the company are certified by certified and approved by ARAI and ICAT.

BharatMobi has already successfully converted about 25 hatchbacks and sedans, and they are also working on vintage models. Shaikh revealed that one of the projects that they are handling currently is a Ford Mustang 1969 Model. 

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