Ather Electric Scooter Dealership Catches Fire, Several Electric Scooters Damaged: What Happened Here?

Ather Electric Scooter Dealership Catches Fire, Several Electric Scooters Damaged: What Happened Here?
Ather Electric Scooter Dealership Catches Fire, Several Electric Scooters Damaged: What Happened Here?

Everyone has been going all applauds for the EV transformation of transportation. However, there have been many impediments to the EV way of life.

The latest one in the row of challenges are multiple fire reports across the nations across the manufacturers. 

This time around, it is Ather and that too in its Chennai experience centre.

Fire At Chennai Centre, Company Says “Minor” Incident

A fire that broke out in the Nungambakkam experience centre in Chennai has made waves in the country.

Post this mishap, the company said in a tweet that it was but a minor fire incident on the premises of its Chennai center. The company later in the Friday said that “While some property and scooters got affected, thankfully all employees are safe and things are under control. The experience centre will be operational shortly”. 

The company, while awaiting the report from the local fire brigade officials, has not yet revealed the cause of the fire.

There have been multiple cases of battery explosions and fire incidents across the country for the EV players. These EV makers are also facing the government inquiries.

Other EV Fire Incidents & Government’s Actions

Earlier this week, a Hero Photon Electric scooter in Odisha caught fire, while it was being charged. This fire rendered the scooter partially damaged.

The company said in its statement that “When contacted, the customer explained that he heard abnormal cracking sounds and discovered that fumes were coming from the electric switchboard of the home, adjacent to the e-scooter and sparks were continuously falling onto the floor and a can of paint lying nearby”.

It also added that “By the time he went on to switch off the mains and get back to try and put off the fire, it spread and burnt the rear part of the scooter and some household belongings”.

Many other big EV players such as Ola Electric, Pure EV, Jitendra EV Tech and Okinawa have also reported incidents of EV catching fire.

A government panel probing EV fire incidents is asked to submit a report on the same next week.

Serious defects in the batteries, including designs of the battery packs and modules have been found out by The Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO). 

The Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) was asked by the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry to investigate the EV fire incidents.

DRDO has alleged that EV makers like Okinawa Autotech, Pure EV, Jitendra Electric Vehicles, Ola Electric and Boom Motors are using lower-grade materials to cut costs and that is the reason behind these defects.

A fact-finding report has also been submitted to the ministry by the Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES).

After the e-scooters explosions in April, Notices were sent to Pure EV and Boom Motors by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA).

Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) is a body which comes under the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry and authority was constituted under Section 10(1) of The Consumer Protection Act, 2019. The Act replaced The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and seeks to widen its scope in addressing consumer concerns.

Similar notices to the EV manufacturers will also be sent by consumer watchdog.

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