Electric Two-Wheelers Sale Grow By 444% In A Year, Ola Electric Beats Ather: Which Is #1 Brand In India?

Electric Two-Wheelers Sale Grow By 444% In A Year, Ola Electric Beats Ather: Which Is #1 Brand In India?
Electric Two-Wheelers Sale Grow By 444% In A Year, Ola Electric Beats Ather: Which Is #1 Brand In India?

“Electric vehicle” is the buzzword now-a-days, not only it seems as a cost-effective personal transportation option but also gives one a feeling of being an environmental savior and crusader.

The 2-wheeler segment continues to be the biggest contributor to the sales. The 2-wheeler segment recorded 60% of overall market share in month of February. Last month, out of total 54557 electric vehicle units, 32416 were high speed electric scooters.

It is a whopping 444% yoy growth in registrations, and also a rise of 18% as compared to month of January.

Hero Electric currently retains the throne of being the largest 2-wheeler EV manufacturer in India. Following is the list of top 5 2-wheeler EV manufacturers in our country.


Hero Electric

With clocking 7356 units of 2-wheeler EV in February, Hero Electric retains the top spot. The numbers this year are almost three times that of the previous year as during the same period last year, they sold 2194 units. However, in the month of January, Hero Electric sold 7763 units and saw a slight dip in the sales. In the last year, 46260 units of electric scooters were sold by the market leader of the segment. With almost 15000 units sales in the first two months of 2022, Hero is showing signs that it would double the sales than 2021. Hero Electric has a market share of more than 30 % in the 2-wheeler EV segment.

Okinawa Autotech

With a sales of 5923 in February, 2022, Okinawa Autotech remains at the second spot in the 2-wheeler EV segment. As compared to same period this year, last year it sold 1067 units. This shows that sales have increased five-folds.

The company is looking forward to launch a new electric scooter called Okhi 90, which is aimed to lock horns with Ola S1 Pro.

Okinawa sold 29645 units of 2-wheeler EV last year. In the first 2 months of 2022, they have already sold 11536 units. With new models to be launched this year, the company is looking forward to double its sales

Ampere Vehicles

Ampere is known for its models like Reo, Reo Elite, Magnus EX, Magnus Pro and Zeal. It has sold 4303 units in the month of February this year and is the third largest 2-wheeler EV segment manufacturer.

Ola Electric

Within months of launch of its S1 ans S1 Pro electric scooters, Ola has made to the top 5 list and overtaken Ather to claim the fourth spot. In the month of February, Ola saw a huge jump in the registrations. It has delivered 3904 units last month.

Ather Energy

This Bengaluru based startup saw a dip in sales last month. Compared to 2825 units in January, company sold 2229 units in February. However, during the same month last year, company sold only 626 units. Hence, the sales in February is still great.

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