[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How This Banking Professional Launched A Successful Event Management Company

[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How This Banking Professional Launched A Successful Event Management Company
[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How This Banking Professional Launched A Successful Event Management Company

We recently interacted with Smita Jadhav, co founder of Woot Factor Brand Architects, and asked about her journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

Here are the major highlights of the interview..


How did you start your career in the event industry? 

I started working in finance and banking right after my graduation. Prudential Plc, an insurance firm, was my first employment. I worked there in a variety of capacities, including customer service and project management. During my time at Prudential Plc, I was exposed to a number of ground-breaking workplace practices such as off-site interviews and stress management.

Smita Jadhav, co founder of Woot Factor Brand Architects
Smita Jadhav, co founder of Woot Factor Brand Architects

After a year, I joined JP Morgan as a member of the IT department, where I gained great experience. Following that, I worked for HSBC Bank in a similar position. Even though I was well-established in the financial world, I had a sense of boredom. Despite my numerous employment opportunities over my career spanning 11 years, I had limited possibilities for self-expression or creativity. This is why, in 2009, I left banking to co-found Woot Factor with Amit Relan, combining my ambition to work in an area that provided me with much-needed intellectual stimulation and excitement with a burning desire to start my own firm.

How did you manage to keep your company active in the pandemic era?

We were all going through a stressful time. The event business, along with healthcare, travel, and other industries, was most affected. The fact that communication was maintained throughout the organisation contributed to our achievement. Although it was a difficult time for all of us, we realised the significance of maintaining effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

The ‘Event Industry’ is very demanding and having recognised this over the years and realising that we don’t get much time for ourselves because most events are held on weekends, we decided to make the most of this time by doing things that we might not otherwise have the opportunity to do. We kept in touch with our clients. We also utilised that time by not allowing everyone to withdraw into their shells. One of the factors that played a significant role was “trust”.  

To stay active, we created software or virtual events. This allowed our business to stay afloat. During these sessions, we covered a wide range of topics, including industry expertise, sessions about our personal journeys, and motivational talks. Additionally, we also held sessions to inspire external stakeholders.

What is your company’s forte according to you? What qualities are required to ace in the dynamic event management industry?

Woot takes pride in its culture and DNA. Our relationship management skill is among the best in the industry. The ties we’ve created with our clientele are one of the key reasons we still remain in business. We, as a firm, not only execute the event but also invest in its value and ROI, which is the most significant aspect of the industry today and what sets us apart from the competition.

Any hardships you must have faced being a woman in an event industry? 

The role of being a wife and an entrepreneur is certainly quite difficult to manage. However, in all honesty, I am well supported by my family and my employer. This allows me to balance both my roles effortlessly.

What would you like to tell other aspiring women entrepreneurs who are trying to start a new venture on their own?

My instinct is to follow my heart. I believe that happiness should always be pursued. As a person, I believe you should examine everything you encounter in your life objectively. I’m sure everyone has faced adversity, but what counts most is that you find the positive in every scenario. Everything else will take care of itself as long as one remains modest. I believe that if you trust your instincts, other positive things fall into place.

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