Elon Musk’s Mega Plan For Public Transportation: Robotaxis With No Steering Wheel, No Pedal!

Elon Musk's Mega Plan For Public Transportation: Robotaxis With No Steering Wheel, No Pedal!
Elon Musk’s Mega Plan For Public Transportation: Robotaxis With No Steering Wheel, No Pedal!

The Tesla Robotaxi revolution may begin in 2024, placing other drivers alongside a fleet of cars that don’t even have a steering wheel. But, is the world ready for such an innovation? The decision to let Robotaxis be produced lies in the hands of the regulatory board. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology has shocked the whole world. The idea of a fully self-driving car is fascinating, however its real world application is something people aren’t comfortable with just yet.

FSD technology is still being beta tested

Tesla’s FSD software is being beta tested and it still relies on super-attentive drivers to be ready to swerve or slam on the brakes if the computer makes any sort of a big error. A Tesla car’s onboard computer is incredibly fast and it has the ability to see in multiple directions at the same time, giving it an huge advantage over human drivers. However, it can’t identify dangers and vulnerabilities and accordingly make value judgments as well as people can. This might be possible in the future but it’s hard to know when sufficient reliability will be reached.

The plan of a future Robotaxi has started to take shape with Elon Musk suggesting, during Tesla’s first-quarter earnings call, that production may start as soon as 2024. The Robotaxi is going to be a fully autonomous vehicle without any steering wheel or pedals. The idea is that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving will be able to drive itself, along with passengers, right besides other vehicles on existing roads soon after. This is an extremely ambitious goal.

Can Tesla Make A Robotaxi?

Tesla’s ability to create a Robotaxi in 2024 is not being questioned. The vehicle could easily be manufactured within this year by simply reconfiguring a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y to allow two front-seat passengers. However, it is clear that Tesla is seeing an opportunity to achieve much grander over here. Musk’s goal with Tesla is to move the planet away from our reliance on fossil fuels and toward sustainability. It is an aim that connects with environmentally aware consumers which allows Tesla to continue to keep growing at a faster pace. A viable Robotaxi would become wildly popular and could shake the whole transportation industry.

The biggest hurdle in the way of the Robotaxi is regulatory approval and FSD needs to be better than a human driver by 2024. Musk added that the Robotaxi is going to offer the lowest cost per mile and the most efficient design ever made by Tesla. When the Robotaxi does get out on the roads, it could hughly reduce the need to have personal vehicles and might even pose a threat to Tesla’s other vehicles.


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