Amazon Offers Free Course For All Women Techies: Course Details, Benefits & More

SheDares is an AWS free online course which was started with an aim to foster a more diverse, inclusive, accessible, and equitable workforce. It is under the ‘The Dream Collective’ that the course is being offered in collaboration with diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy. The purpose of SheDares was to inspire professional women to consider a career in the technology industry, and show them pathways to consider.

In his blog, Amit Mehta, Head of Business Development- Education & Training at Amazon Internet Services Private Limited said that for those who are having non technical skills and are also looking for the transition to tech, the transition process might feel difficult. He added that this is categorically daunting task for women, provided that the tech sector only includes 28% women. It is a human nature to look upto role models for guidance and careers and such low numbers translates to a lack of role models to inspire younger entrants to the field. Hence, to break down these barriers and help women in India to pursue a career in technology, AWS is proactively working towards the same.

Who Take the Course & What It Covers?

Since the raison detre of SheDares is to help women transition into tech roles by helping them to overcome barriers such as steep learning curve, lack of role models and not knowing the starting point. The course is most appropriate for following women:

  1. Women who are seeking for a career transition to tech roles
  2. Women who are seeking to return back to the workforce

Following aspects shall be covered in this course which takes roughly 4-6 hours to complete:

  • With greater insight on opportunities that exist across tech and non-tech roles, expanding the perspective and make women more excited about the new economy roles
  • Using a gamified quiz, participants can explore how they could create their own path into these opportunities by transitioning their current skills to new roles via skills
  • Participants feel empowered to overcome systemic and personal barriers that have consistently prevented women from pursuing opportunities in tech.
  • Participants are equipped with a roadmap and pathways to take the next step toward transitioning their career into opportunities in the new economy.

Benefits of Taking SheDares

Some of the benefits of taking the AWS free online course for women are as follows:

  • The course is entirely online, self-paced, accessible and open to enrolments.
  • Twice in a month, live sessions shall be hosted on a number of topics that participants are most eager to learn more about.
  • Engagement & interaction with SheDares community
  • Host of opportunities and pathways available to enter or upskill in tech can be explored

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