This Is World’s Busiest Airport With 2.9 Cr Passengers/Yr; India Sent Max Passengers There!

This Is World's Busiest Airport With 2.9 Cr Passengers/Yr; India Sent Max Passengers There!
This Is World’s Busiest Airport With 2.9 Cr Passengers/Yr; India Sent Max Passengers There!

Dubai’s main airport said that it has retained its top position as the busiest airport in the world for international travel, on Tuesday.

Busiest Airport In The World

This was achieved with nearly 29 million passengers shuttling through the global gateway last year. 

Presently, Dubai is regarded as a key link between East and West.

This way, the passenger figures of the year 2021 looks encouraging for the tourism-driven economy of Dubai. 

Basically, the number of traveling passengers is a sign that international travel has picked up after the unprecedented global lockdowns and border closures due to Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020. 

Rise In Passenger Traffic

The report suggests that the passenger figure of last year represents an increase of 12 percent in traffic at Dubai International Airport.

Which is an increase compared to the year 2020, which had registered approximately 26 million travelers.

Although, with 29.1 million passengers crisscrossing through Dubai International Airport last year, the passenger figure is not even close to the pre-pandemic milestone.

As much as 86.4 million passengers in annual traffic recorded by the airport in the year 2019. 

Interestingly, Dubai’s largest traffic share came from India with 4.2 million travelers, followed by Pakistan (1.8 million travelers) last year.

Dubai is hosting the six-month-long World’s Fair presently, which was delayed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Expo 2020 started in the month of October and runs until March-end.

It has attracted millions of visitors as well as heads of state, celebrities and royalty.

This has helped to further cement the reputation of Dubai as a global destination, as per the report. 

So far, it is unclear how the Expo’s overall contribution has been to the economic recovery of Dubai.

The Dubai Airports CEO, Paul Griffiths said that DXB forecasts 57 million passengers to come this year through the airport, as well as a full recovery to pre-covid figures by the year 2024. 

Ease Of International Travel From Dubai

The Dubai International Airport has been named the world’s busiest for international travel for the eighth consecutive year. 

With the latest achievement, it  has surpassed London’s Heathrow Airport and Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for international travelers.

Although the latter, in terms of overall passenger traffic, is among the busiest.

During the Pandemic, Dubai reopened its doors to international travelers quickly. 

It also didn’t require COVID-19 vaccination proof to enter and  does not require a negative coronavirus test to enter most of the places. 

Because of this, the UAE was red-listed as a “do not travel” country by the US, UK as well as other nations last year.

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