Indian Railways Will Turn 100% Electric By This Date: Electrifies 7605 Kms In 240 Days!

Till date 7,605 RKM has been electrified between June 2021 to January 2022.

The Indian Railways is fast approaching 100% electrification which is its mission to curb carbon emission and improve the efficiency of train operations.

Railway Electrification, which is environment friendly and reduces pollution, has increased nearly ten times since 2014.


Over 7000-Km Electrified

The Railway Ministry has said that 65 RKM has been electrified in the month of June 2021, 203 RKM electrified in July 2021, 341 RKM electrified in August 2021, 562 RKM electrified in September 2021, 895 RKM electrified in October 2021, 1164 RKM electrified in November 2021, 1926 RKM electrified in December 2021 and 2449 RKM electrified in January 2022. 

So, till date 7,605 RKM has been electrified between June 2021 to January 2022.

Green Ambitions

The national transporter seeks to become the largest Green Railway network in the world and a “net zero carbon emitter” before 2030.

In order to serve the growing requirements of New India, the railway network will have to be an eco friendly, punctual, cost effective, efficient and a modern carrier of railway passengers as well as freight.

Low-Carbon Freight Network

The Railways’ Dedicated Freight Corridors are being developed as a low carbon green transportation network with a long-term low carbon roadmap.

This will help it adopt more energy efficient and carbon-friendly technologies, processes and practices.

It is also looking at environmental protection measures such as massive electrification of the rail network, conservation of water and paper and saving animals from being injured on rail tracks.

100% Electrification By 2023-End?

The Ministry of Railways said that the national transporter is planning to electrify balanced Broad Gauge (BG) routes December 2023 in order to achieve 100% electrification.

To achieve this feat, the government has increased the CAPEX (Capital expenditures) by five fold in the last seven years.

Other Initiatives

Along with complete electrification, the Railways is also targeting the upgradation of Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata corridors to 160 kmph and also elimination of level crossings on the Golden Quadrilateral and Golden Diagonal routes.

Other initiatives are being taken such as Head-On-Generation (HOG) systems, LED lights as well as Bio Toilets to recreate the train itself into a mode of travel that is kinder to the environment while maintaining passenger comfort and convenience.

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