Do Job In Virtual Reality Before Accepting Job Offer: New HR Innovation For Low Attrition

Do Job In Virtual Reality Before Accepting Job Offer: New HR Innovation For Low Attrition
Do Job In Virtual Reality Before Accepting Job Offer: New HR Innovation For Low Attrition

There is a saying which is very famous on the internet, Modern problems require modern solutions. It is true in a lot of sense. It encapsulates the requirement of innovation in modern times. In the wake of an ongoing pandemic, the world is witnessing a great resignation. Many corporates are finding it difficult to retain employees. So, once again human ingenious brains started to work on this problem and they have come up with a solution.

Now you can experience your job before accepting the offer

MGM Resorts International is an American global hospitality and entertainment company operating destination resorts in various cities across the USA. And they have come up with an idea of virtual job experience for prospective employees. The company believes that this step will reduce the attrition rate for the company.

“It can be very difficult just to verbally explain the types of positions or show a video, but with the VR experience, applicants can throw a headset on and really experience the job,” said Laura Lee, MGM Resorts’ chief HR officer.

As of now, the company would be rolling out the headsets for customer-service roles at its employment centers, and potentially at career fairs, from January, as well as using them for training.

This will give immersive job experience to prospective candidates

During pandemics, many hospitality staff has complained that customers have gotten ruder. To prepare potential joiners for such scenarios MGM Resorts’ VR module would include difficult guest interactions.

Sometimes candidates accept jobs without realizing how difficult they may be, Lee, the company CHRO said. She also added that had MGM Resorts used the technology at recent casino openings, it “might’ve resolved some turnover we experienced when people accepted positions and then realized it wasn’t quite what they thought it would be.”

According to the CHRO, the VR would be especially useful with MGM Resorts’ upcoming expansion into Japan. As the country currently doesn’t have any casinos (MGM Resorts’ $9 billion casino in Osaka is due to be the first), potential employees may be unfamiliar with what those types of jobs entail.

MGM Resorts has developed the package with VR-firm Strivr. The company also works with Walmart, Bank of America, Verizon, and FedEx.

According to Strivr CEO Derek Belch, the data gathered from using VR “can be very powerful for both the employee, as part of their candidacy for a role, as well as for the employer to make better data-driven decisions.”

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