Google Gives Rs 1.2 Lakh Bonus To 200,000+ Employees; Work From Home Will End?

It had earlier targeted resumption of office work from Jan. 10.

Google will give an additional bonus of $1,600 to its employees globally this year.

The announcement comes just as the company is postponing its return-to-office plan.


Pandemic Support Bonuses

A one-time cash bonus of $1,600 or equivalent value in their country will be paid to all its employees, including the company’s extended workforce and interns this month.

The benefit is over and above Google’s work-from-home $500 allowance and wellbeing bonus meant as financial support during the pandemic.

Employee Wellbeing

It might be a well timed intervention on the company’s part, given that an internal survey in March reported a drop in its employee wellbeing over the past year.

Other wellness benefits it offered include a one-off company-wide holiday in March, and an extra “wellness” day added any time an employee takes four vacation days.

No Return To Office Yet

The tech giant has delayed its return-to-office plan indefinitely as the world grapples with yet another Covid variant- the Omicron.

Also influencing the decision could be resistance from its employees to company-mandated vaccinations.

It had earlier targeted resumption of office work from Jan. 10.

What Next?

It will now take a wait-and-watch approach in 2022 as locations close/reopen and local conditions change/evolve.

Google’s workers in the US have been able to work from the office if they choose to do so.

Big Cos Dole Out Benefits

Other tech behemoths such as Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft have handed out top-up bonuses in order to retain and attract talent, and to help its people set up their remote workspace.

Microsoft gave its workers a $1,500 pandemic bonus. 

Amazon launched a mental health program which offers workers and their family members counseling sessions, self-care programs, etc.

Amidst an unrelenting pandemic which has tested the limits of the working class, it’s prudent for companies to put people over profits for once.

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