Android 12 For Smart TVs Get These 8 Powerful Features: UI, Camera, Control & More

Android 12 For Smart TVs Get These Powerful Features: UI, Camera, Control & More
Android 12 For Smart TVs Get These Powerful Features: UI, Camera, Control & More

Latest report reveals that Google has started its rolling out process for the final release of the latest version of Android TV, Android 12 for TV.

Launch Of Android 12 For TV

Although, the operating system comes slightly behind the arrival of the latest Android OS on supported devices in terms of timings. 

This update seems to be a big step up from the previous version as it offers several exciting features and improvements. 

The search engine firm also claims to have added further customizations in Android 12 to improve the experience and compatibility on TV devices. 

New Features Present In Android 12 for TV

1. Camera And Microphone Indicators

On Android TV 12, users can see icons in the status bar that indicate that the microphone or camera is working.

2. Microphone And Camera Toggles

It allows users to enable and disable camera and microphone access for all apps on the device, by pressing a single toggle option. 

The toggleable options can be accessible from Quick Settings or from the Privacy screen in system settings.

3. Match Content Frame Rate

Normally, when the frame rate of a video doesn’t match the refresh rate of the display, users may experience unpleasant motion judder screen artifacts from frame rate conversion. 

The new option in Android TV 12 brings options to match content frame rate that users can find under the ‘Display and Sound’ section.

4. Background Blurs Using RenderEffect And In WindowManager

This feature improvises the surfing experience as it removes the background distractions.

5. Support For HDMI CEC 2.0

This feature offers better interoperability between HDMI devices, improvements to Remote Control Passthrough and more extensive certification testing. 

6. Quick Connect For Wi-Fi

With this feature, users don’t have to type in the Wi-Fi password letter by letter using the remote. 

It allows you to pair the TV with Wi-Fi easily through a QR code.

7. Cast Connect Stream Transfer

This Android TV 12 OS feature allows users to transfer their streams across devices. 

So that the users can move playback between cast devices. 

It can also be accessed through the Google Assistant.

8. New Boot Animation

With Android TV 12, users will see a new animation when they will boot the television after installation. 

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