This State Govt Launches TV Show For Helping Class 11, 12 Students Pitch Startup Ideas; Rs 60 Crore Up For Grabs!

This State Govt Launches TV Show For Helping Class 11, 12 Students Pitch Startup Ideas; Rs 60 Crore Up For Grabs!
This State Govt Launches TV Show For Helping Class 11, 12 Students Pitch Startup Ideas; Rs 60 Crore Up For Grabs!

On Sunday, the Delhi government launched the ‘Business Blasters’ programme. 

What Is ‘Business Blasters’ Programme ? 

Basically, it is a first-of-its-kind televised event that will give students of cla

sses 11 and 12 of schools run by it an opportunity to present their start-up ideas to investors and obtain investment capital to take them to the next level.

This show will have students’ business ideas which will be shortlisted from 51,000 entries submitted by 3,00,000 students.

Basically, Business Blasters is the world’s biggest start-up programme. 

So far, 3 lakh ideas submitted by 51,000 students,  this way, Rs 60 crore up for grabs as seed capital.

How Does It Help? 

The programme seems to be an integral part of the education revolution which the government wants to bring in Delhi and eventually in India.

The Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, ”The show is providing a launchpad for students’ business ideas and encouraging confidence and a problem-solving mindset among them, which will benefit India’s economy in the future,”.

Further, Sisodia said, “It was encouraging to see children pitch some creative ideas, which when scaled have the potential of bringing about tremendous social impact. This programme for students of classes 11-12 is going to form the basis of the country’s progress. Through this, children will not run after jobs, but jobs will come to these children,”.

‘Business Blasters’ seems to be a practical component of the Entrepreneur Mindset Curriculum (EMC) for classes 11 and 12.

It has been designed to provide students of Delhi government schools the experience of working in teams, brainstorming and identifying social challenges or business opportunities.

It also involves preparing business plans and implementing their ideas in their neighbourhoods.

For doing so, all the participating students will receive Rs 2,000 each as seed money. 

Now these participants will use this seed money to either earn profit or create social impact.

Moving ahead, the students whose ideas are shortlisted will be given an opportunity to present their ideas to the judges, who are highly successful in their fields of work. 

‘Business Blasters’ In Action

The first episode of ‘Business Blasters’,  aired on prominent TV channels on Sunday.

It saw three teams competing against each other.

Out of these, the first team headed by Yash, pitched their idea of ‘Speaksters’.

The team sells high quality, low cost and high performance Bluetooth speakers.

He said, “My team is working on not only the development of the product but also marketing. EMC business mentors helped us learn how to manage the financial and marketing aspect of running a business and we did that and saw good results. They also guided us on communication and bargaining skills and helped us solve internal group conflicts as well,”.

The second team had the idea about  ‘Hebi Compost’, which was pitched by Harsh.

They intend to create an eco-friendly world by making high-quality compost.

Coming to the third idea, it was presented by 16-year-old Divyanshi, who runs an online business ’Divine Creations’ with her partner Minni. 

 Inspired by her mother’s artistic skills and being an artist, she sells her artwork through social media pages of ‘Divine Creations’.

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