Delhi Govt Announces Mega Shopping Festival For 30 Days; 200 Concerts Planned!

Delhi Govt Announces Mega Shopping Festival For 30 Days; 200 Concerts Planned!
Delhi Govt Announces Mega Shopping Festival For 30 Days; 200 Concerts Planned!

Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announced on Wednesday that the government will host the “Delhi Shopping Festival” from January 28 to February 26, 2023.



This 30-day festival will welcome visitors from all over the world to experience Delhi’s culture, essence, and shopping.

Kejriwal said that the festival would mark Delhi’s standing at the international level and hope to see it become the biggest shopping festival in the world within a few years.

It is modeled along the lines of grand shopping extravaganzas organised in Dubai, Singapore, Hongkong and Cannes, France.


Heavy discounts will be offered on products and the city will be grandly decorated.

There will be a marquee event with world-class arrangements and people across the country and world will be invited to the festival.

Exhibitions on spirituality, wellness, health and gaming, and several entertainment avenues will also be organised.

Delhi’s cultural scene consists of a variety of cuisines for which food walks would be organised and all of India’s cuisines would be offered.

The event will kick off with a special opening ceremony, during which artists from India and all across the world will perform in 200 concerts. 


Highlights from the festival include:

  • Opening ceremony and closing ceremony
  • Big discounts on all items
  • 200 concerts in 30 days by artists from around the globe
  • Games/tech exhibitions
  • Special ‘Food Walks’ for visitors to enjoy a variety of cuisines

Special travel arrangements would be made for visitors arriving from outside the country.

For foreign attendees

The government is working with hotels, travel agents, transportations companies, and airlines to arrange special transportation packages.

Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation has been given the responsibility to organize the festival

Economic impact

This event will also bring together Delhi’s citizens, corporates, retailers, traders and the government to work as partners and give a massive boost to the city’s economy, along the way creating thousands of jobs.

This festival had been mentioned in the Rozgar Budget earlier this year.

The government aims at generating 1.2 lakh jobs through the festival in five years.

How traders benefit

It is incentivising traders to participate and offer heavy discounts through a rebate in GST.

“There will be something there for people from every strata of society,” the CM said.

Delhi will be divided into five zoneseast, west, north, south and central — to host different components of the shopping festival.

The government will further narrow down 15 iconic markets and 10 malls across all zones for hosting on the basis of their USP, brand awareness, genre, number of shops, footfall, connectivity and cleanliness.

Future plans

In the second year of the festival, the government will also the neighbourhood markets

There will be five curated expos organised in the five zones on spirituality and wellness, art and literature with focus on languishing art, gaming & technology, children’s special and environment & sustainability.


Entertainment duties will be handled by musicians, film personalities and stand-up comedians and dance groups invited to participate in around 200 entertainment programmes during the festive month.

Coming to food, there will be a showcasing of cuisines from all parts of the country.

Other considerations

Entertainment for the families and kids include game stalls and prizes, face painting, magic shows, art competition, college bands, international cultural troupes, celebrity talks, light and sound shows, among other leisure activities.

Women and elderly will be ensured ease of movement with provisions of free transport, golf-carts in the marketplaces, dedicated lanes and reserved seating.

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