Big H1B Reform: Market Research Analysts From India Can Get H1B Visa To Work In The US!

Big H1B Reform: Market Research Analysts From India Can Get H1B Visa To Work In The US!
Big H1B Reform: Market Research Analysts From India Can Get H1B Visa To Work In The US!

The United States of America is known as the land of dreams and opportunities. Top talents throughout the world dream about getting into the land of freedom to make their living. And when demand is high but resources are low in number, it becomes imperative that you would be having a tough fight for those limited resources. That fight can be named an H-1B visa. Every year thousands of people apply for this coveted visa, but only a handful of them are lucky enough to get their hands on it.

And now it looks like there might be a piece of good news for many employees and employers alike.

Now, Market Research Analysts will be considered as Special Occupation for H-1B visa

In a recent development, a federal court in the United States has approved a settlement under which the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has agreed to qualify market research analyst as a specialty occupation for the purposes of determining H-1B visa application of a foreign professional.

Previously Market Research Analysts did not qualify as a “specialty occupation”.

The settlement is approved by the federal district court in the Northern District of California would now enable companies to request that the USCIS reopen and re-adjudicate their denied H-1B petitions.

The decision is being welcomed by many

According to Leslie K Dellon, senior attorney (business immigration) at the American Immigration Council, “This settlement is an important victory that will benefit hundreds of American businesses and the market research analysts they sought to employ”.

“The settlement gives US businesses another chance to have their H-1B market research analyst petitions approved this time under new guidance worked out by the parties to the lawsuit. Each H-1B petition reopened and approved will represent another opportunity for US employers and the workers they sponsored to advance their business objectives,” she added.

Also, according to Jeff Joseph, partner at Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP, this settlement finally resolves an issue on which immigration lawyers have been battling the government for years.

“This settlement strikes the right balance between what the regulations actually say and how employers evaluate a candidate’s professional qualifications in the real world. It is our sincere hope that USCIS will now interpret other specialty occupations from a perspective that is in line with what actually happens in the free market,” he added further.

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