PM Modi Demolishes Red Tape! No File Will Be Passed To More Than 4 Govt Officials For Any Issue

PM Modi Demolishes Red Tape! No File Will Be Passed To More Than 4 Govt Officials For Any Issue
PM Modi Demolishes Red Tape! No File Will Be Passed To More Than 4 Govt Officials For Any Issue

When in 2014, the BJP government came into power under the leadership of Narendra Modi, one of the promises it had made was that of good governance. Till now we might have noticed that in some form or other. But this might be the first time we might be witnessing a major overhaul in the system. According to the latest developments,  there will be a fewer number decision-makers or decision influencers will be involved in any decision making. Some senior officials even say that to arrive at this stage it has taken more than 300 meetings over a period of the last six years.

Now, now the file will pass more than four hands

After years of preparations, finally, from next month, no central government file will pass more than four hands before a decision. Also, from now onwards ministries will also be able to submit e-files to each other.

The fundamental idea is to speed up decision-making and by flattening the organization and going for delegation rather than pushing files up to higher levels needlessly.

For this latest structure of decision making, a total of 58 ministries and departments have reviewed the “channel of submission” of files to bring it to four levels and the rest of the ministries are fast progressing in that direction. These ministries are expected to do so by next month.

Taking the e-route for inter-ministry file transfers

Recently, the government has rolled out an E-Office 7.0 version this month, which for the first time allows the inter-ministry transfer of files. Now all ministries will be able to submit their proposals online. Till now, ministries had an E-Office facility for intra-ministry work. All 84 ministries and departments are expected to transition to the E-Office 7.0 version in November.

Henceforth, the four levels identified for the channel of submission are secretary, additional secretary or joint secretary, director or deputy secretary or undersecretary, and all other levels. Now no officer in one category needs to submit files to another officer in the same category. All ministries have started to adapt to this methodology with suitable modifications to eliminate the need for file submission between joint secretaries and additional secretaries, and between director, deputy secretary and undersecretary.

This move will involve delegation of powers at appropriate levels. According to sources, it is also proposed that absolutely routine matters be disposed of at just one level.

Maybe we possibly will get to see the Acche Din, will we?

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