Work From Home Ends At TCS From This Date: 5 Lakh Employees Will Work From Office

Currently, 5% of the workforce have already returned. 

TCS will ask its employees to rejoin offices by the end of calendar year 2021.

Currently, 5% of the workforce have already returned. 


Initial Plan

Now that 70% of its staff have been fully vaccinated and around 95% have received at least one dose, it has decided to ask employees to return by Nov 15.

The company said that in the initial phase it will “encourage [its] associates to return to offices”/

Later, it will switch to its ‘25/25? model.

Shifting To New Model

In its 25 by 25 vision, only 25% of the workforce will work out of its facilities at any time.

Chief HR Officer Milind Lakkad explained that the 25% percent will become 80% in 2022, 60% in 2023.

It will later drop to 40% in 2024 to get to 25% by 2025.

This is the company’s strategy  of “coming back to normal first before going to the new normal”.

Cautious Approach

The entire process will take place in a “phased and flexible manner” and will be dependent on team leaders and their project requirements. 

Employees have been asked to return to their deputed location (their base branch) by November 15.

The process of getting everyone back to offices will take place in a “calibrated” manner, “taking employee safety to consideration.”

Future Possibility

While the 25/25? model is an important part of its future strategy, it will take a couple of years to mature.

The endgame will be having everyone come to office for a period and simultaneously having the flexibility to work from home.

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