This Is How TCS Freshers Can Get Double Salary; 90% More Freshers Will Be Hired

It wants its people to “feel hungry” and demonstrate that hunger. 

Chief human resources officer of TCS Milind Lakkad said that the company allows its associates to “decide their own compensation”.

He was responding to a question regarding freshers’ salary which has remained largely stagnant at about Rs 3.5 LPA.


Digital Talent Earns More?

The firm has a different salary scale for those with digital skills.

Lakkad said that if an employee “takes digital, [they] get double the base salary at Rs 3.5 lakh per annum”.

If one wants to reach that level, invitations are welcome and three more chances within a three year period are provided.

Decide Own Compensation?

According to him, the company allows associates “to decide their own compensation”.

It wants its people to “feel hungry” and demonstrate that hunger. 

Earn More Through Experiential Learning

TCS Xplore is a learner-centric program with a 120 hour progressive Induction curriculum.

It consists of engagements such as digital skills certification, Hackathons, series providing industry expert insights, business inclusive learning experiences and internships.

Lakkad said that through Xplore, it is “paying differentially based on competency” and is considering “increasing that component even more”.

Back In The Office

Lakkad spoke about the company’s 25 by 25 vision in which only 25% of the workforce will work out of its facilities at any time.

However, this does not mean that the company is okaying 100% remote work.

He explained that the 25% percent will become 80% in 2022, 60% in 2023.

It will later drop to 40% in 2024 to get to 25% by 2025.

He explained the strategy of “coming back to normal first before going to the new normal”.

Another Chance To Join TCS

Lakkad said that the company has a “person-of-interest database”.

Here, people who either missed our qualifying test or failed to clear the interview are given a chance to reapply.

Those deemed to have “a very high chance” of joining the company are given another opportunity to do so.

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