Alert Jio Users: This Is How You Get 365GB Extra Data For Just Rs 2! (Full Details)

The Indian Telecom sector is going through very tumultuous times. Various organizations are burning cash to attract and retain customers. Be it Reliance Jio, Airtel, or muddled Vi, all are making efforts to gain market share. In the same endeavor, Jio has two plans which are now the talk of the town.

Jio offers extra 365 GB data just for an extra Rs.2

Currently, Reliance Jio has two annual plans, which are the best in the market in terms of data limits. The first plan offers daily data without any limit, while in its second plan, double the data is available from the first plan by paying only two rupees more.

Jio’s first plan comes at Rs 2,397 while the second plan costs Rs 2,399. In Reliance Jio’s Rs 2,397 plan, 365 GB of data is available for a year. In this plan, 365 GB of data is available without any limit. For the plan at Rs.2399, a total of 730 GB of data is available for a year.

Details of the two plans are as follows

Jio plan of Rs 2,397:

In this annual plan of Rs 2,397, you get unlimited calls for a year and a total of 365 GB of data for 365 days with Jio apps. It should be noted that there is no daily data limit in this plan and users can use this data anytime without any limit. If seen, this is the most economical plan in the annual tariff plan of any company, in which there is no limit in both daily data and calling.

Jio plan of Rs 2,399:

In this plan, Jio offers 100 SMS per day with unlimited on-net calls and 2GB daily data valid for 365 days. Hence we can conclude that a total of 730 GB of data is available in this plan. In this plan, you can make domestic calls to any other number. In addition to this, 100 SMS daily and complimentary subscription of Jio apps are also available. It should be noted that there is a maximum limit of daily data is 2GB, which is valid for 365 days.

Hence, according to need and convenience, users can choose their plan and avail themselves of unlimited calling and data for a year.

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