Wipro Will Hire Only Women Under This Mega-Recruitment Drive (Eligibility, How To Apply?)

Wipro Will Hire Only Women Under This Mega-Recruitment Drive (Eligibility, How To Apply?)
Wipro Will Hire Only Women Under This Mega-Recruitment Drive (Eligibility, How To Apply?)

Wipro, one of India’s leading IT services providers, has now announced the launch of a new program, ‘Begin Again.’ This program is offering jobs for women professionals who had a break in their careers for a duration of six months to one year or more.

Read on to find out all the details about ‘Begin Again’ by Wipro!

Wipro Announces Launch Of ‘Begin Again’ Program For Women Professionals

‘Begin Again’ is Wipro’s Inclusion and Diversity initiative for women who are looking to restart their careers after a break, be it for any reason, sabbatical, motherhood, elderly care, travel, passion, or any other personal reasons.

As per the statement by Wipro, “The initiative enables talented women to explore career opportunities that will harness their potential and allow them to get back on track with the present demands of the industry.” 

Recently HCL announced its plans to hire 60% of women candidates via campus placement this year. The Noida-headquartered IT firm is gearing up to hire 22,000 candidates for entry-level roles this year.

Recently, we reported to you that Wipro and Infosys are looking at hiring about 50% of women candidates in entry-level recruitments.  Infosys is looking forward to having a 45% female workforce in its total workforce by 2030. 

This year it is aiming to hire and train nearly 35,000 college graduates. Bengaluru-based Wipro is aiming to hire 30,000 female candidates via campus placement this year, out of which half are likely to be women.

How To Avail Wipro’s Begin Again Program Opportunity?

Firstly, you need to choose the roles that you are looking for. For this, you need to explore job descriptions, required skills and eligibility for the open positions.

Next, you need to apply for your desired position, after which you will need to fill a form for sharing your professional information in detail. Once you submit your application, you are done with the application.

The program reportedly offers Structured Learning and Enablement Programs Integrated framework, which will help for a smooth transition. Additionally, there also is a Buddy Program that will help you with all your queries.

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