Exclusive Interview: This Is How Able Jobs Will Help You Get Sales & Customer Support Job Across India

Exclusive Interview: This Is How Able Jobs Will Help You Get Sales & Customer Support Job Across India

Able Jobs is attempting to create an army of sales and customer support experts in India, and this is something out of the box indeed.

A job portal dedicated exclusively for job-seekers to land a Sales and/or Customer Care support, Able Jobs can very swiftly convinced some of the biggest brands in India to work with them, and hire talented professionals.

How Able Jobs is managing this micro-niche recruitment operations?

We spoke with Ravish Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, Siddharth Srivastava, Co-Founder and Product Head and Swatantra Kumar, Co-Founder, and CTO about Able Jobs, and their vision for the future.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

1. Tell us about Able Jobs, what does it do and the problem it solves?

Able Jobs trains entry-level job seekers for roles in sales and support. Job seekers download our app then go through our training courses and post completion of the course we connect them to companies and get them jobs. We are solving the problem of employability for non-tech graduates. Every year more than 6Mn+ people graduate with -technical degrees like BA, BBA but struggle to get a job. Our rigorous in-house designed training program ensures that fresh graduates learn the required skill to get the job. The courses are highly vocational in nature and delivered online with help of experienced trainers.

Designing the right pedagogy so that we can remove the subjectivity from non-tech jobs has been one of the biggest challenges initially. Over time we have closely worked with students and companies to understand the key gaps and designed content, proprietary frameworks, and assessment that helps us evaluate a candidate in-depth and provide them the skill required for the job.  Our app ensures that the content is delivered perfectly and job seekers can get the skills required for a job.

Able Jobs is based in Bangalore and we started in May 2019.

2. What makes you different from your competitors?

Our pedagogy and training methodology differentiate us from the competitors. Our training is fast-paced, a learner can comfortably complete a module in a short span; Our training is relevant, we only focus on the core skills and knowledge a learner needs; Our training is rooted in what happens in real life i.e. they are taught skills that they will use and apply not only in their interview but also in their jobs. 
Our students are more confident, well-versed, and high performers as compared to other students. They have the confidence to crack the toughest aspects of the job because of the repeated practice. Our accurate AI feedback helps students know how to precisely structure their responses, practice until they make themselves perfect. Our training helps candidates to win accolades even at their work. They consistently perform better than others.

3. Who are your key clients and what role do Able Jobs play to make hiring hassle-free?

Companies can hire trained talent from Able Jobs. India’s most valued startups and companies like Startek, Aegis, Paytm, Byjus, Policybazaar, Bigbasket, Licious hire our trained students. We teach people sales and support skills which are daily subjective in nature. Through the data generated during our training program, we are able to find give companies trained candidates most suited to their needs thereby making hiring hassle-free for them.

4. How does the product work? How is it impacting the hiring process?

Graduates can download our app from the Play store and can go through our guided flow for acquiring the skills. They can either choose a free program that helps them with their interview preparation or they can choose a paid program where a job is guaranteed to them. Our learners engage in self-paced learning and use our App to get familiar with the content and are also given opportunities to practice with in-built exercises. After completion, they are put in touch with a Trainer, who works with them individually and offers them support on sales skills, interview readiness, and solving any doubts or queries they may have. Once the learner is ready, their interview is scheduled. We recommend the best companies to students, keep a track of applications and suggest companies where they can get interview calls from. 

Companies currently have to allocate significant time and resources towards hiring and training employees for entry-level roles. This is because students don’t have the skills required for the job, they are not properly vetted by existing platforms resulting in a lot of heavy lifting for companies. We provide companies with the trained talent to speed up their entry-level hiring and saving them time, money, and resources. At Able jobs, we make the whole process very simple and get them talent 11X faster.

Over the past 12 months, hiring was driven primarily by the startups. Among the startups, Edtech still stands out due to COVID tailwinds with new categories emerging. In the past couple of months, the traditional industries have started hiring very aggressively. We are seeing a huge demand coming from BPO companies that are looking to onboard thousands of people across multiple locations both tier-1 and tier-2/3 cities. As the office opens up this hiring is only going to increase. Since the relaxation of the lockdown, BFSI has also started to double down on the hiring plans with local hiring moving at a much faster pace than before. 

6. What are your leadership mantra and future plans?

At Able Jobs, we are on a mission to eradicate unemployment and that has been at the center of the company. We are proud to be a very mission-driven company and that inspires every one of us at Able Jobs. We follow a very ownership-oriented approach where we have goals and people can choose the path they want to take towards achieving these goals. This provides people with enough space to do experiments, make mistakes, learn from them and also bag some key wins during the whole process. 

With Able Jobs, we are on a mission to eradicate unemployment. 1 Cr graduates enter into the workforce every year. We want to be the go-to destination for entry-level job preparation for these students. Right now we are focusing on certain job roles like sales and support, as we move forward in our journey we will increase our scope to all the entry-level roles like an accountant, digital marketing, talent acquisition, and many more.  We are building effective tools that facilitate users for self and group practice on the app, provide them automatic feedback so that they can improve, build confidence and get closer to the job. 

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