Up to 80% TCS Employees Will Now Work From Office? This Is What CEO Said

As vaccination is in full swing and the daily number of covid cases is also on the decline, corporates are gearing up for back to work from an office setting. India’s largest IT firm from the house of Tata, TCS is gearing up to get 80-85 percent of its employees back to its campuses as vaccination gains pace.

According to a report, as of now,  the company has over 70 percent of employees fully vaccinated and 95 percent of employees have been administered at least one dose.

TCS encouraging its senior management to start coming back to offices

On October 8, TCS COO NG Subramaniam said that the company will encourage employees at the senior level and those fully vaccinated to come to campuses. It should be noted that some of the executives from the management and delivery side are already coming to work over the last few weeks.

 “From the current 95-98 percent working remotely, we want 80-85 percent of employees back to offices,” Subramaniam asserted.

Offices are ready to welcome employees back

Subramaniam also announced that most of its offices have been sanitized and all protocols have been put in place with the desired level of flexibility required in operations. Hence employees need not be worried about getting infected in the office.

The latest developments are bringing changes to the way companies are thinking about campuses. In upcoming days, the development of new campuses will be slower and the number of employees working will be less to take into account safety measures.

Project managers have been given complete authority

While certain roles might be required to come to offices frequently like those working on the infrastructure server, project managers have been given authority to take a call on how often employees need to come to work based on customer needs.

“We left it to the units and the project manager whether you want to work two days a week, one week, a month, or let’s say one month, and then the next two months you go offline, it’s very different. That’s up to you to see how you want to manage this. Plus, there are always situations like separate client visits. So there is a certain amount of plasticity and flexibility but on average we believe that the 25 by 25 model will pan out and I’m not in a hurry to roll up a private notice even when we announce it,” Subramaniam added further.

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