Air India Pilots Demand Last 18 Months Salary Before Selling To Private Firms

They continued flying at the risk of their own health which they say that the airline never cared for.

Air India pilots have asked the airline management to restore their salaries.

They have complained about  ‘disproportionate’ pay cuts carried out during the last 18 months and have asked for it to be rolled back.


Union Writes To Ministry Secy

Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) wrote a letter which brought to light the various difficulties being faced by the pilots.

The letter was addressed to the airline’s chairman and managing director, Rajiv Bansal, who became the secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) from 1 October.

It highlighted the drastic cut to pilots’ layover sustenance allowance by 60% – 70%.

Disproportionate Cuts

Flying allowance was cut by 70% to 80% due to the significant reduction in the number of flying hours of each pilot.

The letter went on to remind that the aforementioned cuts have had a detrimental effect wherein total emoluments have been reduced by over 60%.

This is unfair when compared to the rest of the workforce who had the privilege of working from home but suffered only a 10% pay cut.

Meals Privilege Withdrawn

The pilots’ union further criticized the airline management’s decision  to retract the “full board” facility which provided three meals to the pilots while on domestic or international layovers. 

The letter pointed out the management’s hypocrisy of acting like the pandemic was subsiding but simultaneously hesitating to restore pilots’ pay.

A Thankless Job

They urged the authorities to reinstate their wage structure especially considering their contribution and support to the country when carrying out Vande Bharat flights and emergency evacuation missions despite pay cuts.

They also ensured that the Indian passenger was not inconvenienced due to any flight disruptions by continuing with their work.

They continued flying international routes at the risk of their own health which they say that the airline never cared for.

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