1.6 Lakh Delhi Students Ditched Private Schools, Joined Govt Schools! (But Why?)

Another reason is that parents against continued online education find government schools a better option.

About 2.4 lakh students who have been studying at various private schools have applied for admission in Delhi government schools from nursery to Class 12 for the 2021-22 academic season.


In Short

Out of these, over 1.58 lakh students have been enrolled and the processing is still ongoing.

Government school principals say that a big portion of these admissions have been for classes 9 and 11.

They say that this increase in applications can be due to financial losses suffered by parents due to the pandemic.

Data released by the Directorate of Education shows that 2,36,522 applications were received for all classes by 1,030 government schools.

Admission Types

The Delhi education department conducts two types of admission – planned and non-planned.

The data above refers to something called non-plan admissions- those switching from private schools to government ones.

Students who from switch one government school to another are considered planned admissions

It is being said that this is due to parents who lost their jobs due to the pandemic forced lockdown.

Improved Education Standards

Another factor at play here could be the improvement in the infrastructure of Delhi government schools and in the quality of teaching there.

The focus is more on the holistic development of children with an entrepreneurship mindset.

So even those without any financial constraints are opting for government schools due to the quality of education being provided there.

Other Possible Reasons

Another reason is that parents against continued online education find government schools a better option.

Delays in the transfer process brought about due to the pandemic have also forced parents to shift to government schools so as to ensure the continued flow of the students’ studies.

Government Initiatives

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that something like this is happening for the first time in India.

His government signed a Memorandum of Undertaking (MoU) with the International Baccalaureate (IB) to bring the quality of government schools on par with international standards.

It also established its own education board like the CBSE, i.e. Delhi Board of School Education.

With this new trend, the total number of enrolled students in Delhi government schools has reached 17.67 lakh.

Last year, the figure was 16.28 lakh and the year before was 15.05 lakh.

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