Pay Rs 300 For Bedsheets, Pillows In AC Trains; Take Them Home After Journey!

The facility is presently available in New Delhi Railway Station.

Indian railways will now provide passengers with blankets, bedsheets and pillows albeit for a price.



The facility is presently available in New Delhi Railway Station.

It will later be extended to other stations including Old Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Anand Vihar Terminal.

It has been started in Mahamana Express running between Dibrugarh Rajdhani, Chennai Rajdhani and New Delhi to Varanasi.


When the pandemic was at its worst, the Railways had decided not to provide bedding accessories to passengers for risk of spreading the infection.

Passengers had to travel with bedding from home.

Bed and towels used to be provided to travelers in air-conditioned coaches of Rajdhani and Humsafar and other express trains.

It was suspended for a while due to which passengers had to carry sheets and blankets from their homes, leading to inconvenience.

New Rules

But now, the Delhi Railway Board has changed its decision and will now provide sheets, blankets and pillows to the passengers as well as materials used to protect against Covid. 

After acquiescing to passengers’ demands to restart the facility, beds in trains will be provided for a fee.

An agreement has been signed with a private organization to provide the same.

The packet of bedding is available for Rs 300 and will have one blanket and two sheets.

Fee Structure

The cost is Rs 40 for a sheet, Rs 180 for blanket, and Rs 70 rupees for pillow. 

An added advantage is that passengers can take them home after the journey.

Anti-infection materials will also be provided such as sanitizers, masks, face shields, hair caps, soaps and small oxygen cylinders.

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