Use iPhone Camera For Making UPI Payments, Instantly! How Does It Work?

Use iPhone Camera For Making UPI Payments, Instantly! How Does It Work?
Use iPhone Camera For Making UPI Payments, Instantly! How Does It Work?

With the launch of iOS 15, Apple has also rolled out some features especially for Indian consumers


Features For Indian Consumers

The main features include notification customization, more language support, new dictionaries for Siri and the ability to make UPI payments directly from the camera app. 

Considering the popularity of UPI payments, Apple has come up with a feature, just in time, for the convenience of Indian users. 

Making Payments Using Camera App

According to this feature, The users who have upgraded to iOS 15, will be able to make UPI payments from the iPhone‘s camera app directly without having to visit their UPI app. 

Basically, this is an India-exclusive feature. With the help of this feature, now users can choose from up to 10 of their most recently used UPI payment apps, when they scan UPI QR codes using the camera app for merchant payments, as per the information provided on Apple’s iOS 15 feature page.

This feature will come in handy since the users can make payments using UPI directly from their iPhone’s camera app.

However, they must keep in mind a few things. 

Note here that the UPI payment from the camera app will not work for iOS 15 beta users. 

So, the users will have to upgrade the software to iOS 15 to use this feature.

How To Upgrade To iOS 15?

First of all, go to Settings > General > Software Update and download and install the official iOS 15 version.

What Is Pre-requisite For Payments Using Camera App?

The first pre-requisite is upgrading to iOS 15 then you need to make sure to have the UPI payment app that you prefer to use for payments. 

After that, ensure that the Scan QR Codes toggle is enabled from the Camera Settings. 

It is noteworthy here that in the absence of these settings, you will not be able to make a UPI payment using your camera app. 

How To Make Payments Using Camera App?

Once the above-mentioned requirements are fulfilled, follow the given steps to make a UPI payment from your iPhone.

  1. Simply open the camera app on your iPhone.
  2. Next, point the camera towards the UPI QR code where you want to make the payment for scanning.
  3. Now your camera will try to recognize the code, once it is done, your most recently used UPI-payment app will show in the view-finder.
  4. With the tap on the link that appears on the screen, it will proceed with the payment. 
  5. Afterworld, a pop-up will appear on your screen, asking for permission with the message “Camera wants to open (the name of your UPI payment app).
  6. Simply tap on your phone to open it.
  7. Now follow the usual steps to make the payment online by entering details like amount, message and press on send or confirm to make the payment.
  8. Suppose, you want to use another UPI payment app then you will have to tap on the QR code scanner at the bottom of the right corner of the viewfinder. Here,  you will see a context menu with the list of UPI apps that you have on your phone.
  9. You can choose the app from which you want to make the payment and then give your camera permission to use the app and follow the rest of the steps in the same way as stated above.

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