Single Window Clearance For Indian Investors, Entrepreneurs Launched: Azadi From Red Tape!

Single Window Clearance For Indian Investors, Entrepreneurs Launched: Azadi From Red Tape!
Single Window Clearance For Indian Investors, Entrepreneurs Launched: Azadi From Red Tape!

A new platform, the National Single Window System (NSWS), has been launched for investors and businesses as confirmed by Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal

He has stated that this platform will be a one-stop shop for investors for approvals and clearances.

National Single Window System (NSWS) Launched for Investors and Businesses

Thanks to the NSWS portal, investors will no longer be required to approach the government offices for approvals and registrations, as per Goyal. This portal is also expected to enhance the entire experience of doing business in India.

18 departments and nine states have come onboard with the National Single Window System and the government expects 14 more departments and five other states to follow suit.

Goyal has promised that this new system will offer  transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the ecosystem. A dash board will also be put up, wherein all information will be available on a single click. This dashboard will also be for applicants, which will help them to apply, track and respond to queries.

As per reports the beta version of the portal has already been opened to all stakeholders and the public as a trial soft launch. This portal will get on board an increased number of approvals and licenses which are based on the feedback of users and the industry. 

Features Offered By NSWS

The multiple services that the NSWS will provide for entrepreneurs and investors are:

Know Your Approval (KYA) Service – this is an intelligent information wizard that will create a list of approvals that are required by any business to begin their operations. This will be carried out by asking the investor a set of questions about their business activities and the basis of the application approval will be decided based on this response. This service has been launched on 21 July with about 500 approvals across 32 Central Departments and over 2000 approvals across 14 states.

However, this service will be for guidance purposes and does not constitute any legal advice.

Common Registration Form – A unified information capturing system and a common registration form has been introduced so that there will be a single point of submission of information and documents across Ministries and States. 

State registration form – this will give the investor a single click access to the respective State Single Window System.

In addition to this there will also be an applicant dashboard, document repository, and E communication module. 

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