This 11 Billion Euro Worth French IT Firm Will Hire 15,000 Indians In Next 12 Months

It will add to its current Indian workforce of 40,000.

French multinational IT services and consultancy firm Atos will hire 15,000 people in India over the next one year.

It will add to its current Indian workforce of 40,000.


Comments On India Situation

Chief executive Elie Girard says that the company is “at a tipping point” and is “experiencing a productivity shock” thanks to the fast paced digitisation taking place in India.

This has generated a surge in demand across sectors including the public sector and defence.

This would, in turn, add employment opportunities.

He adds that, while India is “the best provider of those skills in the world”, there is a conflict between demand and supply.

The €11 billion firm invests about €400 million in India annually on employee-related expenses, including payroll and skilling.


Furthermore, it also collaborated with the Indian government on the National Supercomputing Mission.

As a partner, Atos has contributed with assembly and testing of high-performance computers.

As a significant market, India in turn contributes by way of one-third of the company’s revenues.

India Goals

In India, it deals in cybersecurity, supercomputing and on 5G edge.

It seeks to build new services and opportunities for service firms by combining 5G with edge technologies.

Contribution To Olympic Games

Atos recently made the news for being responsible for digital integration as well as operations and program management at the Olympic Games.

This enabled fans worldwide to follow the event.

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