Vaccinated Indians Allowed To Enter USA From This Date; No Quarantine Needed

The new policy now focuses on the individuals instead of any specific country.

The US has eased travel restrictions and will now allow entry of foreigners into the country who are fully vaccinated and test negative for Covid.

The changes will come into effect from November.



This will benefit families who were separated due to the stringent restrictions for 18 months and can now finally reunite.

Also to be benefited are foreigners with work permits who can now return to their jobs in the US.

Ban No Longer Country-Specific 

The new policy replaces a patchwork of travel bans first instituted by President Donald Trump last year.

It was later tightened by current President Joe Biden which kept non-citizens out of the country who had, in the prior 14 days, been in the United Kingdom, European Union, China, India, Iran, Republic of Ireland, Brazil or South Africa.

Other Specifications

Now, those planning to enter the States will have to provide proof of vaccination before boarding and a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days of flight.

The fully vaccinated will not have to undergo quarantine upon arrival.

Those vaccines will be recognized which have been approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization.

Get Jabbed Or Face Regular Tests

For unvaccinated American citizens to return to their country, the rules state that they will have to get tested within a day before returning and after arrival..

This is so as to push unvaccinated Americans to get the jab. 

Otherwise, they will have to face regular Covid tests.

Road To Recovery

The travel bans had given rise to geopolitical frustration, particularly among allies in the UK and EU.

The new policy now focuses on the individuals instead of any specific country.

It also comes as a relief to the aviation industry which had lost significant revenue from international travel curbs.

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