Flights From India Banned In This Country Due To Corona Virus Scare: Check Full Details

It is adopting a Covid-Zero strategy which other countries also attempted without success.

Hong Kong is tightening travel restrictions amidst a growing outbreak.

Countries Banned

It has extended a ban on flights arriving from eight countries, including the United States and Britain, and imposed one on Nepal until March 4.

The other countries from which flights are banned are Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan and Philippines.

Flights to Hong Kong are down 90% and hardly any are allowed to transit as it isolates itself from the rest of the world in an attempt to contain a contagion.

This despite the fact that new infections are coming from local transmissions.

Radical Approach

It is adopting a Covid-Zero strategy which other countries also attempted without success.

The strategy involves imposing its toughest measures since Covid first emerged more than two years ago.

Gatherings of more than two people in public are banned.

Only two households maximum can mingle in private. 

Places of worship, hair salons and other businesses were ordered to close.

Violators may be fined at least HK$5,000 ($642).

Fruitless Exercise

The scenario here is in stark contrast to countries like the US and Australia which are winding down pandemic restrictions.

China said that it will back the city’s “dynamic zero” coronavirus strategy.

The strategy focuses on totally stamp out outbreaks even though in reality infections are continually on the rise. 

Meanwhile other countries are shifting their approach to living with the virus as a new normal.

Dire Situation

Health experts say that Hong Kong’s curbs are unlikely to stop the spread of omicron infections.

Daily cases jumped on Wednesday to more than 1,000, the highest on record.

The figure stood at just 14 three weeks ago.

University of Hong Kong Researchers predict that the daily caseload may reach 28,000 in March.

Economic Forecasts Downgraded

The government’s policy has had dire effects on its economy and its status as a global financial hub.

Everyone is feeling the pinch, from local residents, expatriates to business leaders who think that the government is pursuing a pointless exercise just to appease China’s ruling Communist Party.

Fitch Ratings analysts have cut their 2022 forecasts for Hong Kong’s economy, reasoning that the city’s delayed pandemic recovery puts it among the weakest of the 120 economies it tracks.

Pressure On Public Health System

Its public health system is also nearing its brink due to the zero Covid goal which has stretched hospital and quarantine facilities nearly to their limit.

90% of hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients and isolation facilities are also nearing maximum capacity, shows data from the city’s Hospital Authority.

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